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even odder

He was on a rock just away from the circle. “You must think about who maaade me,” he hissed like turtles do, not quite snake but getting there. I knew I had to return to Magic Mountain. I knew I had to return to *magic*.

I checked his shell. No grid yet, but getting there.


He returned from the rocks and the sharks. “That was admittedly more than I was expecting (!).” He glanced sideways. “And why didn’t I see *that* sign before, pheh.”

He walks between it and the turtle.

“I wonder if Wanda is up for another game of chess yet?” He peers inside their beach house but can’t see her white for his black. And it was Angela. Angela “Hidi” White, the snapping turtle.


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beach house (cooked)

Jeffrey Phillips was still in bed with the static blaring, no wake zone indeed. Hidi would have to wait until he got up to start playing chess, since black goes first and she’s white. She’s always white. The subordinate (*snap*!). She has her first seven moves figured out until he’s good and ready. He’ll be done by dinner.


They were on their way back to the rocks. “You see that sign, Hidi?” Jeffrey pointed out, wishing his wife wouldn’t hide anything any more.

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Neogene. It’s Neogene.

Kolya didn’t usually meet people when he combed the realistic looking beach at… let’s say this is Fieldon again. But he did today. “This is a piece of ginger,” the stranger exclaimed to the man-boy while bending down to pick up something behind a tuff of beach grass. “The first thing I see when I come to the beach and it’s ginger. Imagine that.”

This made Kolya think about Ginger. Where was Ginger? Where was anybody in this land of 2? He needed to focus on the here and now. These realistic rocks might help. He’d seen them before. Fieldon? No, this is Fieldon.

Or was it?

I’ve got to get back to Canada, Kolya thought while kind of panicking in the moment as he realized the person in front of him was mere shadow-like hallucination. I’ve got to find Ginger!


He asked to be centered. He stands on the very edge of the beach, its comber gone. *He* was the comber of course. And this definitely wasn’t Fieldon.

He watched himself walk away from himself in the distance.

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this story has teeth

Hmmm. Tempting, he thought while reading the “clothing optional” signs he was passing. But I must focus, on Shark Rock tonight, at least to begin. I *do* need to shed this Santa costume sometime. Maybe wait till when I get back to the Blue Feather with Wanda, he he.

Or was it Angela?

He passes from Nightshark into the parcel with Shark Rock the next sim west, but I’m not sure if there’s any causal connection. Thus the investigation.


Huh. I wonder if this little fellow here is suppose to be me? *I’m* the shark.

The message seems to be reinforced by what is perhaps the progeny all around.


“Wanda,” he calls over to the girl across from him back at the Blue Feather Table.

“Angela,” she corrects, blonde hair combed over one eye.

“Sure, sure. Ahem: I’ve made a decision about the suit. I’m going to keep it on for a while longer. (pause) You can exit through the side door just over there. Make sure Wanda doesn’t see you as you slither away into the night.”

So there was a Wanda.

(to be continued)

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