this story has teeth

Hmmm. Tempting, he thought while reading the “clothing optional” signs he was passing. But I must focus, on Shark Rock tonight, at least to begin. I *do* need to shed this Santa costume sometime. Maybe wait till when I get back to the Blue Feather with Wanda, he he.

Or was it Angela?

He passes from Nightshark into the parcel with Shark Rock the next sim west, but I’m not sure if there’s any causal connection. Thus the investigation.


Huh. I wonder if this little fellow here is suppose to be me? *I’m* the shark.

The message seems to be reinforced by what is perhaps the progeny all around.


“Wanda,” he calls over to the girl across from him back at the Blue Feather Table.

“Angela,” she corrects, blonde hair combed over one eye.

“Sure, sure. Ahem: I’ve made a decision about the suit. I’m going to keep it on for a while longer. (pause) You can exit through the side door just over there. Make sure Wanda doesn’t see you as you slither away into the night.”

So there was a Wanda.

(to be continued)

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