“Whatcha reading these days, Older Me?”

“Oh, pretty much blank pages, you know. Just me — you — reflected back. Everyman’s Problems.”

“Or Everywoman’s!”


“Oh I’ve had my share of adventures down through the years. Hiking (pause). Biking.”

“Sounds like you plugged along nicely.”

Solemnly: “I did. I had to turn into a man sometimes to get by — female animations only go so far! Right in this very room in the center of the Cactus House it started, in fact. Long long ago. Lemont was with me of course. Your Arthur.”

“*Your* Arthur.”

“No. No dear. That’s not correct. That’s not correct at all.”


“In terms of Nautilus, things have become a *bit* more complicated.”

“I *see* (!).”


“I better get back to work, child. You should leave now.”

(to be continued)

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