Amidst all the construction, the Mustard Ketchup Kid still plays ball with his sister Ventura who hails from California and who knows him as Bert.

There is more forestland than previously fer sure, and whose trees hide many secrets…

… sometimes of a bizarre nature, like these people locked in the landscape. We’ve met them before too. The farthest guy back is still talking on the phone to his bro who is also his doppleganger. “I’m *here* (giggle). Where are *you*?” (etc.).

Shelley spies them on a break from rehearsals and has trouble believing her Umbrella Club enhanced peepers at first. “Whaaatt?” she can’t help but emit, but they can’t hear her. Wrong dimension.

She then finds an underground red door and everything goes to Hell.


“How’s everything going with our daughter’s rehearsals?” Riiinnngg.

“Hold on. I have to take this.”

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