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Gabby Truth always slept with the lights on. Wakefulness interrupted unconsciousness constantly. “What was that?” he might say randomly at any stray noise. “Who goes there?”

The picture of swinging teen lovers he use to love didn’t comfort him like before. He formerly slept directly with it, creepily enough. Now it just lays by his bed, unused.

Leaves are closing in, he frets. Bushes. Trumping his freedom at every card play. Unable to connect the dots any more. And what *was* his constellation sign? Fire? Water? The local astrologer had fled invading Earth and hadn’t returned, so no answers there. That leaves Air. Leaves… Air.

Gemini! he realizes excitedly, then distinctly hears knocks right afterwards. Three, then two, then one. Twin Brother Amos. But why this time of night? Oh, he thinks. They must have lost the house. Oh drat, oh darnit. The seed and the house. He’ll have to stay with me now. Oh well, at least the Earth’s gone (Ka-BLAM!). He pulls the covers away from him and gets up, being careful not to trip over the lovers’ painting. He also grazes psuedo-Mossman’s head for luck on his way to the door, per usual.

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“You here for the Table interview as well?” Mmmmmm Salad Bar Jack asked, fresh from the new portal Wheeler installed just yesterday in Carrcassonnee’s *former* gazebo. John Lemon utters complete gibberish back to Mmmmm, but he understands and interprets.

“I see. First to interview. Luckey you.”

More incoherent speech from Lemon.

“Well, it will be a pleasure to serve with you sir on The Table. If I’m chosen. I don’t have much hope, actually. I worked with Baker Bloch over in Jonesborough.”

Gibberish from Lemon.

“No, not Heterocera. The Real World. TILE Creek. Ever heard of it?”

Gibberish. Salad Bar interprets that John Lemon doesn’t know where this is. Lemon asks (again only Salad Bar can hear this, if anyone was listening in — like us) if he was in a carrcass either positive or negative.

“No,” came Salad Bar Jack’s reply.

After Lemon’s next round of static, Salad Bar proclaims: “Instant disqualification, eh. Well, maybe it’s best I don’t show up for the interview. This Wheeler lady may have misinterpreted my resume. I play in *my* movies. Action adventure ones in the main, although we’ve branched out a bit lately, Gene and I. Don’t suppose you’ve ever hear of actor/director Gene Fade either, my close associate and colleague?”

We can understand from Salad Bar’s next reply that Lemon hasn’t. He begins listing out his filmography. “‘Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE’? ‘Salad Bar Jack Be Nimble’? ‘Salad Bar Jack of All Trades’?” Lemon shakes his head. “Nothing?” It’s difficult for SBJ to comprehend this lack of recognition, but Lemon shakes his head again.

Lemon goes on a bit now with his incoherent talk, explaining something important to Salad Bar.

“Child, eh?” he replies after a pause. Lemon shakes his head again and corrects Salad Bar Jack. “Chilbo? Then we *do* know each other!”

Salad Bar Jack and John Lemon embrace.


15 minutes later he also receives a chair at The Table. Wheeler remembers him as well. Curled Paper puts a check mark beside his name. On his way out he talks again to fellow Mmmmmm King Bill. “See you later you complete bastard, hehe.” But Bill is still worried about time and getting back to The Hill.


It seems it is too late. Bill Hill is no more.


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Mossman Bigfoot

The cartoon series depicts him as one of the most powerful beings on Eternia, possibly even more powerful than He-Man himself. He is introduced in the episode “Orko’s Garden”, in which he is an urban legend; an Eternian equivalent of the Bigfoot.

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Bigfoot Thoughts

Then of course there are the Mossmen…


… and Mmmmmmm’s, the original toy avatars I suppose you could call them. Both first appeared in the Jonesborough Toy Happening of 2008, the base event for the whole toy avatar phenomenon.


Hucka D.:

The Mmmmmmm’s came from Mythos, specifically Edwardston. You’ve figured that out, haven’t you?


Maybe. So it’s backwards from what Grassy wanted to do: fly the First Goodmobile (Firstmobile) to Edwardston and Mythos. The [Firstmobile] actually *comes* from Edwardston. Makes sense.

Hucka D.:

Sense it makes. They are the last living toy avatars in Mythos, after everyone else is gone, let’s say. But maybe they really come from Whitehead Crossing and its own Edwardston and Green Turtle and such. It remains a maze[ of meaning].


I haven’t figured out exactly what Whitehead Crossing is. I’ve been so focused on Blue Mountain and Bigfoot and Rediscovery this summer and, so far, fall.


Hucka D.:

It will all even out.


So Hucka D. had to buzz off to unknown destinations. Mentioned something about Burger King at Point-0, actually. Back to explaining Mossmen. So the purchasing of the first mossman, or the only mossman I still have, follows the pattern of other toy avatars such as Billy J. Thornberry (Billy Bob or B. Thornberry now?), because it cost me a dollar or less. The purchase took place about 25 years back at a Big Lots in this case, and I recall there was a whole wall of mossmen for sale. Shame I didn’t buy more at the time. Thus the source of the expression “there’s a big lot of ’em” sometimes spoken in my blogs concerning the creatures.



Hucka D. is morse coding me from Burger King now. We have more information on the actor who’s slowly but surely becoming as much a star as mmmmmm Grassy Noll and mossman Gene Fade before him. Toy avatar thespian Billy *Bob* Thornberry hails from Henrietta, Texas, with a brother or father named Charlie who runs — hold on — a company called Zigzag, which is a, um, buyer of peanuts? No: pumpkins. Pumpkins or peanuts — maybe pumpkin seeds. Hucka D. remains unsure.*


And a brother or son named Dean who sometimes dresses up as Jolly old St. Nick on Labor Day and as a, er, turkey — *not* a pumpkin, Hucka D. is reinforcing — on Halloween. Interesting.


Located further away are cousins Joy, Shannon, and Jimbob, with the latter some kind of softball oddball twin to Billy Bob and who once played 4th base for the Montreal Penguins womens’ oddball softball team. I think that means he was the catcher.

Then there was mother/sister/daughter Henrietta whose story will have to wait. End transmission.

Jimbob caught pretending to be second cousin Dean robbing the Thornberry’s house on Labor Day.


* In checking the region of Charlie, Texas, there is a large *pecan* farm (and Wicked Andy’s Insane Acres Haunted House!). Maybe that’s what Hucka D. was trying to interpret.


Zooming further out in GoogleEarth, we get this interesting moire effect from the bordering, square shaped plot. More signals?


Additional interesting sites from GoogleEarth in Charlie:




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“Lost in Hermania”

Independent film by Mmmmmm’s. Mmm (*not* Salad Bar Jack!) is lost in the urban landscape of Hermania, unable to escape. Hermania is a burg of quite some significance. Many Mmmmmmm’s live there. Mossmen too (exploiting Mmmmmmm’s?). Marbles as well. Bad ones. Bad ones? Dented.

Known as the first humanistic Mmm related film; beyond action-adventure. Probably low budget as well.

Film deals with rapid growth of Hermania, attracting the “wrong” elements, and the clash of cultures (3Ms). Must remember to be united through TILE and Meeting Rock! Must remember the cooperation of between their ancestors. Not devolve into the warring factions that caused the Wilderness battle, etc.

Must create a street map of Hermania — collaged from other maps. How? Hermania exists between Mars Beach (“south”) and Jupiter Beach (“north”).

How does actor-turned-director Gene Fade, struggling still to fulfill his ambitious (expensive?) “Fade To Moss” art movie, feel about a successful movie by an Mmm that’s pulling in the crowd (mostly other Mmm’s)? Not good, I’m thinking.

What is the population of Hermania? What of the pop. of the ethnic groups? Meeting Rock is seen as a landscape icon, like Hollywood Hills for L.A.

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Weekend’s Here!

Will probably head back to Rediscovery and Bigfeet, weather permitting, for more picture taking and perhaps map creating. All of this *means* something.

I’ve been thinking about toy avatars and the progression of their story in the blogs, starting in 2008. The avatars seem exclusive to Frank and Herman Parks — what is their role in the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape and attached extensions, then? I haven’t yet linked up the 2 hiking mythologies.

Toy avatars manifested in conjoined Frank and Herman Parks because they felt protected there, like the parks are protected. 3 major species: mossmen, mmmmmm’s, and marbles. 3ms. The mossmen story seems to have been worked out more than the other two, centered on the Gene Fade character who was born in Frank Park’s Jupiter Rock and also lived in nearby Notherton and perhaps Mocksity. Supersity? Mossmen (and Gene Fade) were also involved in Whitehead Crossing for certain. They might have invented the Spoon River portal system, or at least they used the system for instant teleport to various spots.

Mossmen, mmmmm’s and marbles alike appear in my collages, still displayed currently in the various Collagesity galleries next to the Rubi Forest. I tried to get rid of my land there this month but couldn’t shake it. Now I may keep the place for the whole winter again.

Mmmmmm’s seem exclusive to Herman Park. Hermania on TILE Creek, just west of Drink Lake, seems a focus for them, replacing an original living area in Good and Great Meadows to the north of this lake. Story is that the first mmmmmm’s arrived in Great Meadow in a large goodmobile from “Pluto”, which may be the same as Mythos’ Edwardston but we’re not quite sure yet.

Salad Bar Jack is, by far, the best known of the mmmmmm’s, and acts as a balance to Gene Fade. They both appear in Salad Bar Jack action adventure movies. They’re both actors. And actually, as I’m remembering it, Salad Bar Jack’s real name is Grassy Noll. He’s so identified with his famous role that people always confuse the two (even me!). Gene Fade, in the same films, is usually called simply “The Mossman” or “Mossman”, perhaps a slightly or even not-so-slightly demeaning name. Then there’s Dirk Stew, a humanoid toy who plays Rock Meadows in a projected series of movies directed by Gene Fade himself. He plans to move beyond the action-adventure genre in these. Can he pull it off? Will the mmmmmm’s pay their hard earned hard green money to see non-Salad Bar Jack vehicles? That’s the uphill battle he is facing in moving from actor to director, for that was always his destiny.

Going back to Gene Fade’s origins in Jupiter Rock and Frank Park, we also know something about a “Prior” (from “Pryor”), which may be a father or grandfather who came from the park’s Wild Wild West, or what we call the Trident Creek area in the blogs. This figure is attached to Neptune and also the Aquaman “Anti-Superman” superhero. Compared to this, Fade is Uranus, visible to the naked eye in the night sky if you know where to look. This is Superman (Supersity?) revealed?

Heading even further west than Frank Park’s Wild Wild West, we know that Mossmen consider Granddaddy Mtn. verboten to walk upon, and the source of their all powerful Rock Gods. A mystical place named Rubi Doo (Ragi Too?) is associate with the summit.

We also theorize that the Second Life avatar Karoz Blogger is the creation of Gene Fade, and that he considers him his “son” of sorts. Karoz was partly designed to walk the slopes of Grandaddy Mtn. in a safe manner, since, being virtual, he can’t harm the indigenous plant (and animal) life. But the experiment failed. Karoz could not escape his limiting Jeogeot continent circle centered by Mother Noru. Karoz’s mother Sapphire (she adopted him?) called him her precious Aquamarine, but he grew beyond this to become rebellious Aqua Teen. Rebeling caused the circle?

I have all these bits and pieces concerning toy avatardom but I haven’t put all of them together into a larger jigsaw puzzle. It remains unfinished.

And then the marbles — I have them coming from the Key Rock area southwest of Blue Mtn. They originally come from Mythos as well, like the mmmmmm’s apparently. In their case: Bridee, which psychically overlaps my mother’s house in Mythopolis. As a child I played a lot with marbles in this house. Later on I theorized that wilder counterparts to my “tame” toys might have been living inside the walls of the house when I was growing up. They found a forgotten house key in a fake rock lodged in these walls and thought the rock to be a super-marble, which was partly correct according to Hucka D., I believe. This rock in Bridee corresponds exactly to the position of Key Rock and the surrounding Castle Rock area in Blue Mtn’s county of Haze. These wilder marbles also had contact with a house rat named Augustus. Was this the Map Rat? The wild marbles looked down upon their tamed counterparts that I played with. Deemed them washed up. The wild marbles sent a new delegation to replace the older marbles afte they had been beaten up by their constant gaming, like a beat up old football players dented by their many collisons down through the years. This is actually a real story.

The location of Key Rock in Bridee (mother’s house) was between the den and living room wall. The rock totally fascinated the marbles. I believe it represents the main link between microcosm (Bridee) and macrocosm (Haze County), and a way to move between the two. Like the Dr. Who tardis, inside was much larger than outside. The specific ratios involved in the two dimensions are 12 or 13 to 1, or a dozen or Baker’s dozen to one. This relationship is coded into Maebaleia continent’s 12 or 13 to 1 ratio between large Blue Feather Sea and small Blue Drake lake or pool.

I would compare the relationship between wild and tame marbles to that between the wild and tame humans in the movie “Fantastic Planet”, use in a carrcass or a/v synch called “Fantastic Aspic” now. Like these humans, marbles are “pets” — *of* humans in this case, or, specifically, me.

The gargantuan blue Dragg child Tiva compares to me in this way. Her human “pet” Terr compares to my named marbles such as Bob Underston and Big Blue Eye. She has one but I have/had several to many.

Tiva and Terr

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Collage 11 Interpretation 02 > Collage 12

(continued from)

“Rainbow Men” excerpt: beer drinking Jackalope

This central image from Collage 11 is obviously akin to 12 Oz Mouse from the first collage of the tetraptych, or “Animation Nation”. Both are multiple beer drinking animals of “X Brand” variety…

“Animation Nation” excerpt: beer guzzling 12 Oz Mouse

12 Oz Mouse is also found in the 3rd collage of the tetraptych (“Holey”), leaning over to stare at a hole. He leans the opposite way there from a drinking position. Is he sobering up instead? Seeing the hole that is his life as an alcoholic rodent?

Anyway, another thing to remark about is that the left part of the jackalope image above is cut off on the *center line* of Collage 11. Likewise 12 Oz Mouse’s hole is cut in 2 by the left edge of Collage 10 before this. The effect helps further unite the 2 characters.

The jackalope, or at least his head (her head?), has made one other appearance in my collages that I recall, and we’ve already reviewed it a bit in the last post here: Sam Parr 09. I’ll throw up the picture again. Or insert it in this post again, I mean.


And Karoz again appears in a collage with this animal. The jackalope wears the body in Collage 11, as it were, of Sam Parr Model (SPaM). The blue robot of the red-blue-7 Stones pairing perches on her shoulder. The antlers make a shape similar to that of Sam Parr Lake, whose outline appears in the center of Collage 10 (blue, coral like growth sprouting from wall vegetation). So the jackalope represents Sam Parr in multiple forms. The Falmouth Rabbit appears in the landscape below it, the central figure of Collage 11 and the focus. A smaller Karoz’s head indicates it by pointing and mirroring. In drafts of Collage 11, I had this little Karoz appearing on the foot of the drinking jackalope. Now the larger image of Karoz is all that’s left, but in both parts of the animation and in two different positions. He appears to fall from the wall, originally held by the cartoon homeless man from Aqua Teen, but somehow also turning around in the fall to “land” on his head, which is the same as the head of Scatman Cruthers at the foot of the wall. A surreal impossibility in other words — collage liberties. Much like a giant and small Karoz appear together in that Sam Parr collage: perspective distortion there.

The orange bottle and also the orange squares on the back of the truck behind him reinforce the association of 12 Oz Mouse in “Animation Nation” with the central orange jackalope in Collage 11. The orange is also reinforced in the multiple Meatwads in the same collage, but, moreover, the orange m&m to his above right, the one watching the Fall of Dorothy from the White House. Another resonance with the Meatwads is accidental: Part of his antler was cut off when I edited the overall animation — this would be in part 2. I left the mistake in because it seems to mirror Meatwad’s “hand” *extending* from his body in part 2 and touching Shake, simultaneously turning him into a Rainbow Man himself.

“Are we done with this one Hucka D.?”


Since Hucka doesn’t seem to be around this morning let’s assume we are and move into Collage 12, which is the last one of the Stonethrow series and called “Triumph of the Toys”. The Red Fox appears again, just like she did in Sam Parr 10 (coming after Sam Parr 09 just discussed above). This is probably a Peter Gabriel image again, balancing his appearance in the first collage of the tetraptych perhaps: Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’s character Rael, as opposed to Foxtrot’s anthropomorphized fox here. This fox represents an endpoint. The music from the album Foxtrot is used in a more recent synch I’ve named Carrcass-6. This carrcass also features video excerpt from 12 Oz Mouse, some of which is dubbed by the Foxtrot music.


Here we have part 1 of the two part animation that is “Triumph of the Toys”… there’s the red fox I’m speaking about against a rock wall in the mid-ground. Almost beside her is a green mossman with scepter in left hand. Above him is a giant Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame, head against the sky. He’s staring at another sky head, golden in color but about to turn red and erupt, as it were. A row of toy blocks is arranged in the foreground, spelling TOYS itself. Master Shake again looks on from the right, but he appears to be asleep in part 1.


In part 2 he appears to be jolted awake by Mossman, who has continued to move forward and is now standing on the toy blocks. His *right* arm has become transparent and extending, holding a multi-chromatic ball *triumphantly*. This is the triumph of the toys (whatever that really means). Hucka D. is still not here to help me. I’m going to make some guesses.

We’ve mentioned that the red fox of the present collage is also found in the last collage of the Sam Parr series also found in The Red Umbrella gallery: Sam Parr 10. Last collage reflects last collage in this way. And I’m also thinking there’s another resonance: I believe the fact that the 4 colors of TILE are found in that pile of objects that Mossman passes to his right on his way to the toy blocks — red, green, blue, yellow — also allows us to tie this into Sam Parr 10 in the similar 4 colors of TILE making up the stage to the left.

Sam Parr 11: “The Stage” (part 2 of 2 part animation)

In particular, I believe the wooden shelves or whatever they are, covered in plastic in “Triumph” can be paralleled with the tiny studio appearing on this TILE surrounded stage in the Sam Parr collage. Does the passing Mossman then equal The Master’s charismatic religious figure Lancaster Dobb (source image for Sam Parr 11)? And does he champion TILE instead of The Cause, if so? The ball he triumphantly holds high in the air contains all the TILE colors in one, chromatic whole. His scepter has been switched from right to left hand in the process. The eyes in the formerly golden head of the far background, high on the mountains apparently, have erupted redness like a volcano. What is the triumph? Obviously this has something to do with the story of Mossman Gene Fade of Frank and Herman Parks. I don’t think Mossman appears in any of the other collages in the Red Umbrella, although he is found in other Collagesity gallery works.

Where does this Mossman get the ball? Did the fox pass it on to him? Or does it represent the TILE colored pile of objects he also passes by in moving from mid-ground to foreground? We have more questions than answers here. Why am I not surprised. We’ll have to wait until Hucka D. wakes up much later on to further our investigation, if needed.

(continued in?)

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Toy King Pics

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2014: Lego becomes “king of toys”, surpassing Mattel.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mattel lost out to Lego because of the decreasing interest in their Barbie brand. Lego capitalized on the hit blockbuster film ‘The Lego Movie’ that released in February of this year to much critical acclaim.

Lego may have won the battle against Mattel but the war is far from over… Their recent victory was a slight one, so Mattel still has a fighting chance. Does a Barbie film sound like a good idea?

There have been reports in the media about a ‘Masters of the Universe’ film currently in the works, which would be a reboot of the 1987 film of the same name. With the recent success of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, Mattel may consider the ‘Masters of the Universe’ franchise to appeal to a more male demographic. If they can make a series of films on these two classic toy-lines, then the California-based company can take the fight straight to Lego.

For now however, Lego is the undisputed King!


Now the *real* King of Toys, or one I call simply the Toy King…












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*Mossman* appears in a 2010 post on this blog using an overall search for “baker”.

Related pictures; the mossman, not surprisingly, isn’t there any longer.




Here’s a map pinpointing the former location:


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… now you know how Gene Fade got into movie making baker b. Congrats!”


Thanks for that Hucka D. So they started out as Christmas shorts, then progressed to movie parodies, and then when he tried to return to the shorts and spice them up a bit, it didn’t work out. Divorce.

Hucka D.:

Divorce. From Sybil… you got her name wrong. They could have been an Alfred and Alma[ Hitchcock] kind of team, writing and directing and producing movies together. Oh the movies were a hit, and most of the audience was Mmmmmmm’s themselves. Imagine the thrill of one of their own kind making it big on the big screen, or as big as they thought they ever would. Then along comes superstar Salad Bar Jack. You just tripped over him when you got up a moment ago. He’s front and center now.


So… what I’ve been doing[ with these Jibjab videos] is filling in the backstory for Gene Fade. He had to become second banana to Salad Bar Jack after this. The blue haired women were gone from his life… Sybil and the other one.

Hucka D.:

That’s just Sybil again in her youngers day. A beaut don’t you think?


Different for sure!

Hucka D.:

It didn’t help that most of the paying audience were Mmmmmm’s.


I’m going to pull up the link in the old blog, Hucka D., the one about Gene Fade wanting to start up his film production company once more. Except when writing it last spring I didn’t realize he was starting something up again instead of just starting it up period. That part was lost on me.

Hucka D.:

You know how far he could take his first company. Absorbed, then… waiting around for something bigger to step in and take over. Certainly the Salad Bar Jack movies were bigger. Big big. Fade couldn’t step outside the Christmas theme.


And we now have some new avatars to deal with (!) Let’s see, 4 Santa ornaments and 3 dolls for now. And the blue haired women, which I guess are avatars of some kind. Then the short with Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker was real cute, Hucka. So should there be a special category for Christmas toy avatars?

Hucka D.:

Yes! Gene Fade and Mossmen in general and also the Mmmmmm’s escaped that stereotyping path, although that was their origin as well. But Fade, to his great credit, took the first step beyond. Then Salad Bar Jack, a true genius as well and a huckster deluxe, took it much further.


I heard a rumor that one of the Salad Bar Jack movies ends in the Records Center, Hucka D. A room full of endless records.


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