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you’ve got enough

She can’t get in but they can certainly look out.

And where was this on the shared map between Meat City and Kamas UT? I wondered.

Off the grid for Utah, I realized. No possible new synchronization between the two, like we had for the Rhode Gallery and the brown splotch in the tree and the SS high school across the street and the road sign between them, right where the route began bending away from the shared grid on its way to Samak. Mirror — E Mirror Lake Hwy.

And in the bigger picture, I’ve learned that the whole Omega continent could fit into the surrounding Marion-Francis Circle. Swamp Fox. Gives an additional, spacial sense of proportion between the two Lives, 2nd and 1st. 1st life is still *much* larger. Much remains to be explored there!

But the overlap is quite profound. Here the two interpenetrate, like apples and oranges. No, like nested dolls… no: like a hidden center. Hidden Village. Hidden Vilage.

Oh looky. What’s this over here?


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little heaven, little hell

“What do you call a flock of crows? A kill of crows?”

“Dunno,” answers Young Ruby, barely legal for this town even with a chaperone. “Thank you for joining me in… could it be my new apartment?”

“Not on my watch,” answers the huskier toned Indigo sitting beside her. She crosses her feet.

‘Murder,” Ruby then uttered. “A murder of crows.”

“Of course.” Indigo looked again at the *murder* atop a neighboring building outside the window.

“Or Murderkill,” Ruby then offered. “Both in one.” Each thought of the art work to their side, depicting two towns trying to kill or murder each other.

“I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what happens… see what magic Rhode can still produce.”

“Right you are,” states Young Ruby to her older companion.

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green monster

It’s going to take a lot to convince these good, conservative people of Utah to merge further, Ruby thinks from her rocking chair beside the freshly dug grave. Rhode is cool with it, though, and that’s a foothold. Rhode, Rhoad, Road.

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Time to forge new roads.

There can be no doubt that Rhode Gallery acts an important connection between the two Lives, 2nd and 1st. This is Rhode’s Town. Rhodes, Rhoads, Roads.

The Tina Queen Gallery once across the street on High (School) property is now gone. Ruby is obviously not employed there still as a weekend receptionist.

But Ruby always appreciated the works of this neighboring gallery, which acted as a direct inspiration for her own, newly minted art (“Itch”, “Scratch”, etc.).

More soon.

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fluid 02

Red. And a bit of yellow toward the center.

But she couldn’t fly to see the whole from above. That was what she was shown next. Ruby’s Democratic Empire, a sky platform, well, about the size of the Rubi Woods.

And then she was *there*. Back at the forest. Coady the wolf before her at 168/168, about to howl “The End” again but this time with second thoughts. *Was* it The End? Was it really, truly, the finale? Really? Truly? Finale?

“Well Coady,” Ruby offered the stuck canine, hands on hips. “What happened to Madam Mexico? Did she get her wall between California and Nevada paid for? Did she fix the perfectly round hole in the middle? Can she still see the cursed valencia navel? Answer me Coady. I know you know.”

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“Is it a place of good…

… or a force for evil, this new New Island?

Fishers Island. Eraserhead Man might know, but he’s already done with this particular Collagesity novel, taking his strange troupe of actors along with him. Loaded onto the Isle of the Top Dog, they are; destinations: unknown.  ‘Out there’, as Captain Spocari Nemoy might say. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Bill/Wheeler paused in her story, took a good look at Baker/Pitch sitting opposite her.

Still wearing his Russian hat (she must look up the name of that thing). Still fretting over when Mary gets home, what she’d like to eat on any given night, what wine to buy her, will her several different changes of clothing with different fabrics have to be washed separately or can it be done altogether. Small problems, nothing that can’t be solved with a little more experience and know-how. Yes, he is knitted together with his woman. And as such, he can never really go back to being plain ol’ Baker Bloch any longer. That’s the takeaway about *him* from this novel she’s receiving.

But herself? It’s a more complicated story, involving Philip Strevor, Marion Harding, True Opp (Tropp — *not* Troop). Maybe we can revisit the third one for more answers. Last we checked, he’s still up in New Eden, hanging around with Madam Mexico and Mr. Peanuts.

“But what did Ruby see there?” Pitch then asked (yes, she’s just going to think of him as Pitch from now on). “What is the ending to her Democratic Empire story?”

“Nothing,” answered Bill confidently. “There was no one in the lab. Just a stack of cheese in its center. And… a moth.”

She hesitated slightly, then: “Wait! There *was* someone there. Is!”

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Ruby Room

Ruby was trying to figure out which door from the main parlor of the house led to the laboratory when a large, naked man manifested before her, seemingly taunting her to speak. Knowing no harm could come of the situation, Ruby still quickly pointed out that nudity was banned from the property, the sim as a whole in fact. Then man then told the girl the he had voided his contract with Madame Silver and the whole lot of you Rubyites could go f-ck themselves. With this declaration, Ruby was hoping he would leave, but instead the hulking blonde began playing the harp, which afforded her the edited photo below.

The 5 doors in the room began opening and closing willy nilly around them.

The many cats on or around the ruby floor became agitated, with some starting to dart about aimlessly.

A voice boomed from above. “Looking for a way into the laboratory Young Ruby?” It was Madame Silver. The man at the harp suddenly burst into flames, then was gone, not even ash upon the floor. “This is what happens when you void a contract with me. This is my warning.”

Ruby later suspected that the man might also be Madame Silver, incarnated just to prove this point.

The cats settled down a bit again, not looking as anxious. A single, wooden door creaked opened. The way to the laboratory, Ruby inferred.

Then another directly in front of her as she passed through the first.

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