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“They’ll really and truly send you up the river for this one if you don’t cooperate, Duncan. Pin the murders on you one by one. Go down the list, create justifications. Is that what you really want?”

“Of course not. I didn’t kill Ruby!”

“Keep it down, keep it down,” he implored in his cool, grunge voice. “That one we can remake through the leg. Legs are like 11, but, taken apart, 1 apiece. Cloning abilities. But the 12th? Gone.”

“Indigo. Again…!”

“I know — pipe it down. You didn’t do it. Well… that’s the price you pay for being a member of that silly Pot-D. People can use you against your will. You wake up in jail, you wake up in a mortuary, you wake up on a beach, you wake up inside a whale’s mouth. No rhyme nor reason for it. But now there’s a reason. And that’s what *we’re* here for. Pan-Z. Horizontal and vertical are the only directions that will counter diagonal. The Straight is a subsection of The Cross. This is where they meet: this tree lined lane and then the island just beyond. It’s the Mason-Dixon Line all over again. Are you ready to cross into Dixie?”

Duncan glanced over through the cracked rear window of the bus stop. “I do like tree lined roads, granted.”

“Good. Then it’s settled. When you see me again, I won’t look like this.” Then he was gone; winked out.

Duncan thought back to the terrible, horrible revelations Colonel Flagstaff just spoke about on the border of Harrietsville and Arkendale — where The Straight and The Cross supposedly link energies with each other. He could be the 13th. He could be pinned for it all. He could be in the pen forever and ever. He must sign the new contract with a blood filled pen or else: pencil him gone as well.

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Laffoon 02

“Volcano island, Indigo. That must be Zebrasil.” Ruby paused. “Or is it Ichelus? Anyway, there’s also these 10 women whose disappearance is associated with 2 more sims: Sylvata and, let’s see, Ribeata. According to this ‘Mole Times’ front page article here at least. So we’ve already found stuff.”

“OMG.” First of many. Ruby doesn’t like spiders. Or tentacles.

“Interesting. But what does it mean?” (exploding washer)

“At least it warmed up the place,” groused Indigo. “For a split second.” She shivers again.


End of Laffoon here, Indigo. And please keep up if you will.”


“More passages to the side before the crossover, though.”

“I’m here,” declares Indigo.

Ruby stares at the southward tableau. “Oil leak. Oil well… ink well. Ink leak. Dimensional rift? Let’s go see.”


“UUGH, Indigo. Giant pink frog!”

“I might throw up, Ruby. That stench!”

“And more lockers. Let’s just throw them all open at once this time.”

Indigo moves toward the wall and vomits.


“Sorry about that, Indigo. The santa hat may indicate recent activity, since this is Christmas season. That’s all I’ve got here.”

“Let’s get out of here, then.”

Their attention shifts northward. They walk to the other end of the corridor. Indigo immediately felt better after leaving behind the frog.


“OMG, Ruby. A club. *Casey’s* club.”

“You put that there,” Ruby accused.

“I put that there,” quickly admits Indigo.

“Stop doing that. This is serious.”

“Okay.” Indigo puts on her best “serious” face, making Ruby sigh and shake her head. “*Anyway* we’re moving out of Laffoon again now.” She boldly strides forward through the danger sign…

“More lockers.”

“Big surprise,” asserts Indigo, thinking of some other joke item she could rez.

“A *dead* parrot this time.”

“Another jack pumpkin head and another santa hat (not pictured)… combo of two holidays that don’t mesh well together — I should know. Being Mrs. Claus and all.”

“You are?”


“Ahh. *Finally* Indigo. The mystery is starting to come into focus. Serial killer! Bible must equal code, as in a code to crack. We’ll take these 2 items with us back to Collagesity.”

Then Ruby spots something else: a noxious looking puddle. Leaking from the other side.

“Ummm… *In*digo…”

“O-M-G.” They should have never left the laughs and guffaws of Laffoon.

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Laffoon 01

“So here we are finally, Indigo. Laffoon. Washing machines…

… and passageways.”

“Rest up, bestest friend of mine. Because we’ve got a big night ahead of us.”

“See what I mean?”

“I’m not looking at that.”

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RB Mountain 02

Ruby talks with members of the Redmoken Brabin Fan Club gathered at a pool below his looming effigy while waiting to meeting Indigo at the top of the mount. She learned some valuable information from ringleader Aidema Hill, a former Rik Blaisdale groupie, here perched before swimming, fellow Brabinites Ditsy and Zizzy Grant (twins). No big surprise for those familiar with the stuff on the mount: she’s surmised that Rik decided to come back as Red. Ruby suspected another Rhode project, but Indigo had her doubts.


“Aren’t you cold Ruby? I’m freezing on top of this mountain. At least my butt is warm now.”

“This very well could have been one of Timmy’s hideouts he mentioned, Indigo. He didn’t specify RB Mountain directly, but it’s got a great view of the lake he always went on about.”

Indigo looked to her right. “Indeed it does.”

“He said his house was on the east side.” Ruby checks her inworld map. “Let’s see, it seems we’re more on the west side. But now I remember it, he said his parents’ house was burned down in the war.”

“Maybe this clubhouse or hideout or whatever it is wasn’t even built until after the war and Timmy left.”

“No,” counters Ruby to Indigo. “I feel his presence here.” She moves to the other side of the floor. “Look at this map — the Big Nope. I may have remembered him talking about such a place. Something about a well and a refusal. Proposal turned down: Big Nope.”

“Alright. I need to warm my front anyways — back getting toasty. That must have been a heated pool those girls were swimming in.”

“Or MAYBE, this map is the mountain itself. Big Nope on one side, and over here, the Safe Zone. Could be death and life itself. Rik reborn as Red, as Aidema Hill speculated. ‘X’ and ‘O’. Crossed out and then revived. Like as from an egg — womb over tomb. And in the MIDDLE: this hideout. Right on the apex of the mountain. Between death and rebirth. The Big Between.”

“Next thing you’ll be telling me, Young Ruby, is that Timmy himself planned all this to indicate his resurrection.” Ruby stared at her steadily. “Oh. That *is* what you’re telling me.”

But what as? both wondered.

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little heaven, little hell

“What do you call a flock of crows? A kill of crows?”

“Dunno,” answers Young Ruby, barely legal for this town even with a chaperone. “Thank you for joining me in… could it be my new apartment?”

“Not on my watch,” answers the huskier toned Indigo sitting beside her. She crosses her feet.

‘Murder,” Ruby then uttered. “A murder of crows.”

“Of course.” Indigo looked again at the *murder* atop a neighboring building outside the window.

“Or Murderkill,” Ruby then offered. “Both in one.” Each thought of the art work to their side, depicting two towns trying to kill or murder each other.

“I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what happens… see what magic Rhode can still produce.”

“Right you are,” states Young Ruby to her older companion.

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“And *then* what happened, Young Ruby?” asked Indigo on the left.

“Yes, please tell us more!” implored Indigo’s sister Ragdoll to her right.

“Well,” stated Ruby. “There’s a picture here, and then the text, let’s see, continues on the next page: ‘But just as the shell representing Mr. Peanuts’ rough hewed, reddish exterior started to crack, Madame Silver’s boos arrived and began attacking the city. Wallytown and its infamous wall were destroyed, freeing the tree beings living inside — those who survived. But like the legendary phoenix bird, the city rebuilt itself from the ashes. Trees and humans — all different colored beings with their different colored blood —  began to live together in peace and mutual understanding. With no wall this time around, Fishertown, not Wallytown, became its name moving forward, after the island it continued to thrive upon. The boos were ultimately beneficial, although at first they seemed to spell The End.'”

Seeing empty space below this, Ruby turned the page to reveal a blank one, then checked the back cover before closing the book. “And that seems to be it, my friends.”

“Hmph. Good story,” offers Indigo.

“Yes. Good,” said Ragdoll, nodding. “Let’s start another one tomorrow.”

Ruby puts the book back onto the shelf with the other volumes.

“Well Ragdoll, I hate to disappoint you but it looks like the end of Mabel’s run of journals.” She counts them off: “Starts at one, yes, and ends… 4, 5, 6, 7… at 10.”

“Oh no,” exclaims Ragdoll, truly distressed. “What will we do now during our afternoon gatherings?”

“Yes,” adds Indigo. “We’ve gotten so use to reading and talking about them.”

Ruby’s wooden foot then kicks against something hard on the floor. “Oh wait, gals. Looks like there’s one more after all — must have fallen off the shelf.”

“Oh goody!” yelps Ragdoll.

“Happy days indeed,” purrs Indigo.


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with sides of orange and violet

“Red green yellow blue, Indy. We better retreat back to whence we came. This goes beyond square into cube!”

“No saving her,” his daughter agreed, and changed back into Indigo. Mission aborted.


Returning to their Rubi trailer, Angus (Sid) and Indigo broke the sad news to Ragdoll, who then secretly smiled a little inside while thinking back to their heated confrontation in front of Max, etc. But Martha Lamb’s story within our new Collagesity novel is perhaps not done.


“Yellow. Yellow yellow yellow. I’ll say it til I die.”

“That – can – be – arranged.”


Alright, maybe it is now.

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