Which came first?


Then below we have the outline of the Chasm Deep sim (orange) superimposed on the Eye of Rye picture, with the alignment between the 2 locations in place still. Remarkably, the 2 highlighted sims of each picture, Nostrilia (red) and Chasm Deep, turn out to, in essence, share the same diagonal (pink), *and*, moreover, intersect each other in such a way as to form a square whose sides are precisely *2/3rds* the length of the associated sims.

Because of this fact, the interference pattern can be easily broken down into a grid of squares 1/3rd the length of a sim. A 3×3 example of such squares making up the Nostrilia sim is shown below.

The Baker family believes this is a representation of 2 eyes focusing, one the Eye of Rye itself, and the other Chasm Deep Sink, peering in the opposite direction, as it were.

The implications here could be far reaching. Far reaching indeed.

Is it strange that I read this today after I just wrote the spanking new VWX Tower (constructed the night before) is *2/3rds* of a sim long?

More on this:


Ear of Beer, to Ancients, was Chasm Deep sink, as Eye of Rye was the identified island in this blog. Same size — also represents an audio and video side of an a/v tile. Together they make a tile when cued together correctly, an exact 1:1 match. The Martians did this? And their 1/3rd size “sims”? Covered over by the regular size LL grid sims?

The 2/3rds sim overlap between Chasm Deep (ear, audio) and Norstilla (eye, video) is an audiovisual *tile*.


This is much like Gridcosm, frequented by Mike Casey and also his arch-pal known as Bacon Hellershanks in virtual reality, still a resident of the Heterocera continent.



I was sure this was a Second Life photo upon first glance. It’s not (found in search for “synchronicity + tile).





Color of the VWX Tower modules, west to east:


Modules number 13 total for the VWX Tower, the first and last being green. It’s a triple octave. In contrast, City Hall, based on the same module, is a *single* octave:


City Hall is topped by a cat. The much longer and higher VWX Tower is not, and actually cannot be due to property constraints.

Each of the 4 green modules/sections of the VWX except the bottom presently contains a single figure (Lt. Pepper; hooded figure; Giant Rotating Head of Bob). Only the bottom green module (of 2) of City Hall contains a figure (Ben Thar), if you don’t count the topping cat.


“I spy with my little eye…”

This is like the single octave City Hall.


This is like the triple octave VWX Tower.


Both of these crop circles date from 1996, with the single julia set Stonehenge formation being the most famous of the year while the somewhat later triple julia set crop circle from Avebury Trusloe representing the season’s most impressive glyph.



Until then, I’ll leave you with a simple collage of a new crop circle that Hucka D. is implying relates to the Baker’s discovery of the Eye of Rye island. Some interesting comparisons for sure here.


Hucka D.:

Yes. Thanks in turn. Eye of Rye perched on the edge of the Valley of Nye, peering down into it almost. No, make that definitely. An eyeball on the edge. Chasm Deep turns the other direction.


(continued to)

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