Fal Mouth Moon, The


New structure in town, but actually quite old. Formerly a haunted hotel, now it functions as a gallery for the Gilatona-Lis[-Falmouth] series (replacing the Power Tower Gowlery on that) and also as a portal to The Moon (replacing the Norris Building on that). More soon!

And, oh yeah, I’m definitely in Rubi for another month. Decision gate passed through.

The Fal Mouth Moon has connections with Bay City’s similarly fowl Falmouth Hotel via wig topped Red Skeleton. It’s also associable with The Shining’s cursed Overlook Hotel in snowy Colorado. An exorcism may have taken place there in past/present/future.


Bracket Jupiter
The Fal Mouth Moon, VWX Town
July 4, 1921



Fal[se] Mouth & disappearing WIG WGI.



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