Additional Wendy-Danny Tree Stuff

More twins from the collage before Gila 09 discussed in the Wendy-Danny Trees post just below, in this case Frank Zappa and Ringo Starr from the movie 200 Motels.*

Like the Grady Twins and Wendy-Danny from The Maze, they appear to be holding hands, or perhaps sharing one hand between them (Ringo’s left, Frank’s right). In the collage, they jointly start at a miniature version of the Marge beech grove positioned atop two opposing heads that are pressed together by two giant fingers. These fingers, along with a more realistic presentation of Marge, reappear in the following Gila collage already under discussion: “Head Inside”.

It also seems important to mention here that a mirroring crop circle (another twin!) appeared beside this beech grove’s twin Patty (*another* twin!) shortly after Edna and I returned from England this past summer. Never had a crop circle formed nearly this close to Marge before, nor her sister groves Patty and Selma. Just to note that all of these groves appear near each other on the same ridge, and are all basically convey the same shape, size and appearance.



Now the current state of “Head Inside,” newly reinstalled in Fal Mouth Moon. As you can see, the projecting dogwood branch doesn’t really do any aesthetic harm to the collage, and even adds to it in ways. Note that it appears to, by virtue of its 3-dimensionality, *block* Baker Bloch’s vision of McCartney’s head within Marge.


The truncated column in the back of the Table House discussed in the first post on this subject is found to exist at the very corner of VWX Town, Essence, or just within the part of the town that will be kept in January. A meter or two south or west and the column would lie within VWX Town, Indulgence, the part that is to be abandoned. Note also that the southernmost or “5th” column lies in VWX Town, Indulgence. 4 will remain; the 5th will not.

I also think this “missing” column represents the missing 199th tree of the Rubi Forest, the one that, when removed, makes its Lucas sequence resonance harder to identify. This was done on purpose — by The Woods itself?




* See here for strange tie-in between this movie and Cube-Brick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey:

The 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith
From: Patrick Neve

I just snagged this neat-o little piece of trivia from the internet movie database. Anyone know if it’s true? Where exactly does it appear?

200 Motels Trivia: Filmed in the same studio as 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). The black monolith from that film is visible.

From: Clyde200

Yep… I’ve wondered about it too. Although it’s been quite awhile since I last viewed the movie … I can see Ringo (with the lamp) and Theo. B. in front of the object which is on the right of the screen.

From: OnlytheSky

Not to mention during Penis Dimension sequence Dick Barber-as-the-vacuum- cleaner shoots a wad at it.

From: Patrick Neve

Oh, that’s it. I also just spotted it in Don Preston’s laboratory as he pushes the vile foamy liquids onto the unsuspecting Martin Lickert.

From: TTrocc7007

In the complete (unfilmed: see True Story Of 200 Motels for details) version of the original shooting script for 200 Motels, we actually see the monolith quite a bit more. It looms throughout. At the very end of the film (as written), the extreme close-up of FZ’s eye is supposed pull back so that we see the monolith behind him. As the monolith comes into focus we see for the first time that it is in fact FZ’s Marshall amp and speaker cabinet stack! He reaches over, flicks the stand-by switch, and the credits roll.

From: Patrick Neve

Very interesting.. Does that in any way discredit the “trivia” that the monolith in the movie is the one from 2001? Sounds like it may have been kicking around the studio so he wrote it into the script. Yes?

From: TTrocc7007

It sorta sounds logical that way until you realize that the script had to completed well in advance of shooting. It is possible an early trip to Pinewood studios WELL in advance of the shoot date may have turned up the slab, but I expect it was written and concieved BEFORE the excursion to the UK for actual shooting.

From: Jason M Arvey

A long time ago, someone asked a trivia question about the cover of 200 Motels, essentially looking for the three elements on the cover that are references to other films. I effectively found The Shadow above the newt on the building on the left hand side of the cover/poster. At the time, I had noticed a fetus sucking its thumb just to the right of The Shadow, but didn’t know what to make of it; I knew it wasn’t from 200 Motels, but couldn’t place it. Well, I looked back on the poster today, and, shucky- darn, if that ain’t the Monolith from 2001 sitting right there behing the penis dimension march.

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