strange? 01

… the scene goes black. (12:07)

After a moment, we hear a voice.


(12:10: scene begins)

(12:10: brown spot at top of screen above dr.; 2 tiger eyes effect above coat, then lost)

THE DOCTOR: That’s good, now

(12:16: light shoots up from dr.’s head as she switches eyes right as 2 tiger eyes illusion reappears above her coat)

(12:16: then black spot above dr.’s  head)

THE DOCTOR: … the other one. (The doctor switches to examining Danny’s left eye.) Good boy.

We hear a horn honk outside.

(12:17: black dot on curtain between Snoopy and Goofy noses (see below))

(12:18: black spot between dr. and Wendy as she finishes examining 2nd eye)

(12:21: darker black dot on upper edge of screen, above dr.)

(12:23: ring effect above dr. as Wendy looks down)

(12:23: larger ring effect on Peanuts curtain drape as dr. closes case; Snoopy’s nose highlighted)

(12:24: light to Wendy’s right as she closes eyes; dr. makes eye contact w/ Danny)

The doctor sits down next to Danny.

(12:27: brighter light directly above Danny’s and dr.’s aligned hands)

THE DOCTOR: Now, Danny, when you were brushing your teeth, do you remember if you smelled anything funny or saw any bright flashing lights or anything at all strange?

(12:38: 2 black specks on left side of dr.’s head as she says word “strange”)


Hucka D.:

Best guess. The doctor becomes the bear at the end of that question. The askew bugs (which are Joe and Zoe!) in relation to the doctor’s hair twin the askew ears on the bear[ pillow Danny is laying on]. The hair colors (doctor and bear) are very similar; almost identical.


Wendy is similarly a twin of Goofy to the right… same colors, again (red and blue). Wendy *is* goofy. Goofy appears to be attached to a string like a puppet. She *is* a puppet.

Hucka D.:

We take turns. Tiger next to Goofy is partially hidden by a small blackboard, one eye exposed and the other covered. Tiger equals Danny’s spirit bug [sic?] Tony, like Tony the Tiger. Need proof? Tony the Tiger is seen later on a box of cereal in the stor[age] room.


Study… sorry.

Hucka D.:

Study blackboards. Dartboard, blackboards.

(12:40: light to left of Wendy as she moves head)

(12:40: scene ends)

(all the above effects in combined shot)

Peanuts curtain drapes


MORE bears from Collative Learning

(continued in Strange? 02)


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