Back Outdoors (!)

Eastern side of Drink Lake in the background, and doggy bowl with frozen water in the foreground. The cold is yielding to warmth finally, however. Spring has sprung!
Drink Lake looking east, with Pencilinsula in the center, former home of the Quadrobeavs. In the Collagesity Temple, Pencilinsula *might* be represented by the alcove containing Carrcassonnee, chief town deity. She does not have a sticky out rock, however, but a pet: Spider (dog). In 12 Oz Mouse, Spider screams when Roostre asks if he’s playing Hayes. To remind, Rutherford “Booger” Hayes is the first president of the United States to never be the president of the United States.

Pencilinsula from the opposite shore, rock pointed straight toward us. The rock has also been referred to as The Point of The Wall. If Carrcassonnee = Pencilinsula, then this position would stand for The Bobs of Collagesity Temple. Interesting.

Still moving along the south side of the lake in a westward direction, I soon encountered, judging by the smell, what I’m pretty sure is a skunk hole, as seen through the fence surrounding Drink Lake. I will obviously be avoiding this opening in the future.

And this is nearby *Straw* Hole, like a straw inserted in a drink. You can even seen Drink Lake (Aqua) within. This seems to connect to the insane machinations of Kerchal countering those of calm Carrcassonnee. Insanoflex… defeated by Drink in Carrcass-0. “Keep playing your dumb ass song.” And this has something to do with a more internal battle between Shake and Jesus for control of this alcove inside the Collagesity Temple. Does Jesus respect or accept the TILE religion? A question to be asking.

Hole is accompanied by Hill… well, a rock. This is the site of some kind of future TILE Temple fer sure.

Sort of pathway into this central area containing the hole.

Eastside, Straw Hole — which is apparently also the name of the community surrounding the hole.  Appropriate. (note: Hucka Doobie states this is incorrect, and that he will give out an official name in due time) There’s another rock.

You have to cross this tangle of limbs to reach Straw Hole from the east.

Western side of Drink Lake, with its earthen dam to the right. Great Meadow is in the background.


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