Back Outdoors (!) 02

Heading toward Head Lake from the west, passing through the northern fringe of Boulder (town).


Interesting landscaping along the way on private property. I’m taking notes on stuff like this for potential future landscaping around our Middletown home we plan to build about 7-10 years down the road.


Barrier trees fronting a pond complete with 2 actual and functional swans.


I startled these matching black and brown dogs while hiking past them, unnoticed for a minute. They were busy playing in a pile of mulch. But boy did they became more interested in me and what I was doing in a heartbeat! Dogs are kind of fun at times. And funny.


This is an orange leech stream oozing from Head Lake Dam.


This is the falls caused by the spillover of same. Quite pretty. I don’t have a name for the water drop yet. How about Head Falls?


Lone island of Head Lake. There’s a story there as well. A kind of spooky one, if my memory is to be at all trusted.


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