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Okay, here’s the first batch of historic synchs by baker b. during his journey through our golden age of synching. I’ll leave the links up for about a week at a time. Again, I post these for EDUCATIONAL purposes only… I’ve NEVER made a cent off of the synching hobby that I recall. It’s a labor of luv.

To disappoint some, perhaps, I’m going to leave out the DSotR/Rainbow Sphere tension story that takes place at the beginning of my synching experience in the later 90’s, and jump into the next century with…

Piper’s Nightmare Christmas, Full of Secrets (2000, 2001)

These were created about 8 months apart as I recall, but yet they can be treated as a set. PNC is one of the first synchs that I knew about using early Floyd for the audio, in this case the Piper at the Gates of Dawn album, their first and also Syd Barrett’s showcase work. We start not at track one, however, but five: Pow R. Toc. H. This synchs quite nicely with the opening of the film. This is, in Randy T.’s words, a one drop synch in that you cue the audio and video together at a certain spot and just sit back and enjoy. You’re finished with the manipulation aspect. Let the album just play till it’s ended, through tracks 6-11. Now this is a bit different from DSotR in that I used an internal cue where the movie shifts in focus during the bridged transition between tracks 7, the fabulous Interstellar Overdrive, and track 8, The Gnome. The tracks on the far side of this are lyrics oriented, and music slanted on the near side, so the tone of the synch changes considerably as well at this midpoint.

I watched PNC yesterday again for the first time in quite a while. Like I said track 5 still works pretty great, but track 6 doesn’t have much to match with in the video. We rebound in track 7 with a nice opening, and I think that one works all the way through if you imagine that we are continually following Jack during his journey toward and into Christmastown. I personally see Jack Pumpkinhead, the star of the movie, as a Syd Barrett figure, successful as an underground star in The Pink Floyd Sound but falling into the traps opened up by more commercial success with Pink Floyd. Jack’s crazy attempts to merge Xmas and Halloween mirrors Barrett’s inability to blend fame with creative purity.

I see Full of Secrets as a direct follow up/culmination, with Twin Peaks Black Lodge as the place of descent. Like doppleganger “bad” Agent Cooper catches and replaces the good Cooper at the end of the synch/video, so Barrett loses the battle with sanity at the end, mirrored in the strange structure of “Jugband Blues” from the Saucerful of Secrets album. The center of Full of Secrets, however, is the superb title song from this 2nd Floyd album, the followup to Piper but with limited Barrett input. Again we do not start at track 1 for the synch, but 4 in this case (Corp. Clegg), and also skip track 6, See Saw, to reach the end of the synch and the album and the tv series.

See what you think. Keep in mind again this is a rip from a VHS Tape and also any editing is done the old fashion analog way.

You should be able to see both synchs in full using “previews” with this link:


Let me know if these don’t work for anyone and I’ll attempt another route.

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