More Glyphs of The Measure

The Slash, another unique glyph of the sim.


The Slash with Double L’s in background.


The Forked Tongue.



The Flag.


The Slash, The Forked Tongue, The Flag (Double Squares in the background).


Combined perhaps, they point to the Forked or Swallowtail Flag?


Detail of Double Squares. They’re not exact duplicates of each other. Lisa V. speculates they might stand for Second Life sims.


The Double Triangles (upper) &

The Double Dots (lower).

The Double Triangles and The Double Dots are about the same distance and angle apart from each other, as emphasized by their closeness. The Double Triangles appear to be half-squares each. The Double Dots represent no dimension atall. So you can assign descending numeric value as follows:

Double Square: 1 + 1 = 2
Double Triangles: 1/2 + 1/2 = 1
Double Dots (or Double Periods): 0 + 0 = 0.


Relationship between Double Squares (top left corner) and Double Triangles/Double Dots (bottom left corner).


A) The Pony, B) The Nebulous Horsie, C) The Closed Coffin, D) The Open Coffin, E) The Double Squares.


The “head” of The Nebulous Horsie even appears to have an eye (!). One up on the namesake actual nebula, then.



“The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit” (2006), episodes of the television series Doctor Who written by Matt Jones and directed by James Strong; “Planet of the Ood” (2008), episode written by Keith Temple and directed by Graeme Harper. In the first two episodes the Doctor is visiting a strange world orbiting a black hole, whose normally passive slave race, the Ood, have been psychically possessed by an evil entity imprisoned in the center of the planet: the Beast. In the end both Beast and maddened Ood fall into the singularity and perish. In the later episode, the Doctor visits the Ood homeworld, the Ood-Sphere (see graphic), and liberates the fundamentally decent race from a permanent state of servitude to the trafficking Ood Operations corporation. The Ood-Sphere is a barren, icy planet with vast mountains and caves, and with two moons and a greyish-pink Saturnlike planet in its heavens. The world lies in Mutter’s Spiral in the midst of the Horsehead Nebula, close to the Sense-Sphere. This planet is the home of the telepathic Sensorites, visited by the First Doctor in The Sensorites.[30]

Backing up a bit: The Face, next to the Double L’s.


The Face with possible “mouth” and “eye” highlighted. Toggle between the above photo to see the effect. The face stares with his small round eye and slanty mouth at the L’s, but the second larger L is possibly blocked by the first from his angle. More theories by Lisa V. She’s now convinced the L’s stand for Lemon and Lime (Labs), perhaps through several different ways even.


The larger L shape seems unique in The Measure. However, the smaller L is more or less repeated in at least 2 other locations on the sim’s sea floor.

First, this is the floor scene below the Double Triangles/Double Dots. Another dot is found here (left of sitting Baker Bloch), along with two dashes (upper left & center right) which might effectively be called “1/2 L’s” in the grand scheme of things (as each of the Double Triangles represent 1/2 Squares).

Several other, similar dashes are found in The Measure’s Eastern Hemisphere, 2 to my current counting. One lies approx. 20 meters directly east of the Double L’s themselves. There are other dot glyphs as well in the east.

The other glyph I should point out here is The Four in front of Baker Bloch. We’ll see it again too.


Then continuing to move down, we encounter the second “L” of the eastern hemisphere, about the same size as the smaller of the two making up the Double L’s above it…


… and stared at from the right by what could be taken as another prominent nosed face, larger in scale this time. The eye or eyes of the face are not as distinguished. He (or she) appears to be wearing a cap so I’ll just call the formation The Cap Dude (or Capped Dude). But actually if you look closely you can see not one but two of the same human-like eyes that appear on the Nebulous Horsie’s head. Can you make them out with your own two eyes?


I’ll highlight, then (enlarge to truly *see*).


The right one of the two can then be said to be worn on the wrist of Smoking Bear, the backside of Cap Dude and forming a duplicitous face. Pretty obvious name association, I feel. Looks quite like what it says it is.

Relationship to famed firefighter Smokey the Bear? An evil twin?


Wrist eye of evil Alex from Clockwork Orange.

Walking duplex faced Smoking Bear/Cap Dude, forming a whole glyph continent unto itself. Appears to be strolling away from the “L” while taking a backwards glance at the same time.

6/24/15 update: Hucka D. has stated a desire to call this formation “Clubfoot”, because of the shape of its feet. Lisa V. and Wappo Jack have agreed to the term.


Where’s it heading?


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