More Glyphs of The Measure 02

Where’s it heading? LINK

Answer: To the true supercontinent of The Measure glyphs, taking up most of its northern hemisphere. I’ve circled it in red below (low resolution version). Each of the four 8190 square meter regions of this hemisphere contain part of the supercontinent. The basic idea is more condensed brown sea floor masses (“land”) that are connected by isthmuses or necks of the same color. If he wished, Baker Bloch can walk all over this area without having to cross a beige part of the sim; he can remain on brown.


And to be complete about things up front, what *could* be called a similarly composed 2nd supercontinent — a third of the size, however — might be said to form primarily in the southern hemisphere, circled in yellow below. A number of individual glyphs we’ve already reviewed, including The Pony and The Nebulous Horsie for example, come from this smaller supermass.

But for clarity’s sake I’m only going to refer to the larger northern one as a supercontinent, making it, in my eyes at least — and in Lisa the Vegetarian’s eyes — *The* Supercontinent of The Measure. So back to this one and only Supercontinent as we’re defining it.


Below I’ve highlight some glyphs that strike us as interesting on the surface of things. First we have a duplicate “L” within one of the eastern seas of the supercontinent (right), matching the size and direction of the one next to Clubfoot (left). You’ll probably have to enlarge the below photo to see this. Also in the same photo I’ve highlighted the Double Dots glyph (left top) discussed in the previous post just to give you additional perspective on where we are in The Measure.


Clubfoot appears in one of Wappo Jack’s two assigned 8190 square meter regions, namely the northern one. The second clear L of the northern hemisphere highlighted above is positioned just to the right of this, over in the 8190 assigned to Jesus of Nazareth, who can’t join us right now because he’s taking a nap.


Despite its size, the elected deities of Mystenopolis, those that remain conscious, have decided to focus only on one other aspect of The Supercontinent presently, or what we can call The Three Hearts. The 1st heart shape from left to right also appears to contain a line of degenerating forms below it, as if an animation of itself. I think here of The Grinch’s heart growing three times its former size in the animated Christmas classic The Grinch Who Stole Christmas from 1966, during a moral conversion. Or the creation of a true heart from a degenerated version. Too bad Jesus of Nazareth didn’t own this glyph, since he was born on Christmas day. Instead it falls just out of his region and into Wappo Jack’s.


Then the fulfilled heart itself, as we can call it, is mirrored into 2 other, similarly sized heart glyphs to the right here: A, B, C.



Heart C even contains what appears to be a smaller capital “L” within. Curious indeed.


Is this the endpoint of our investigation?

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