3rd Audience

It was a busier night for Carrcassonnee. Spongeberg saw the telltale lemon burning in the bowl outside the gazebo on his way to examine Shiny Hare. He took advantage of the being’s presence. He still had some issues.


I, baker b., was not privy to the actual conversation, but I heard what happened second-hand through Furry Karl, who was also on his way to see the new town tower when he spied Spongeberg within the temple and sneaked around the back to listen. I immediately reprimanded him for doing so, but I was also oh so ever curious about what they talked about. So when Furry Karl spilled some of the beans, I made a cup of instant coffee in place of a real one. What could I do? I was the one actually in charge of the town, I felt. These were *my* creations. I of course didn’t tell Furry Karl this. I remembered how he used to just say “Merry Fucking Summer, have a beer”, and so on. Merry Fall, Merry Easter, Merry this and that. What changed? Does he have memory of those muter times? Anyway, to the spilled beans and improvised coffee making…

“Spongeberg still desires to kill the town,” says Karl to me as we enter the palm grove of Collagesity East. “The Hare statue didn’t change his mind.” We both look up. It was towering above us. “It’s a *tower*,” I want to say to Karl.

“I know the taijitu,” he then says, surprising me. “I know of Uncle Meatwad. Things have changed. I am not mute because I have shifted somewhat. Just now, actually. That memory just locked into place. Funny.”

I looked at Furry Karl. His *double* was *in* Uncle Meatwad. “Show me Uncle Meatwad”, he almost demanded. “We can go up to Collagesity to view it. Where the Church of the Red Door is.”


Spongeberg and Carrcassonnee talked about “Uncle Meatwad” most of the time, as it turned out. Me (Baker Bloch), Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, and Uncle Meatwad and Shakenstein and such.

“What happened?” Spongeberg asked cooly (says Karl). I imagined Carrcassonnee’s eye rolling upwards.

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