Blackbird Tells

There were so many things going on related to Collagesity. I have been researching the whole of the Baker Blinker Blog and also the Frank and Herman Einstein blog that followed it, a big project. I will release both the first part of the BB Blog and also the Corsica Continent supplement book early in the coming year, hopefully. More on that soon.

Carrcassonnee has charged Cardboard Derek Jones to write the Corsica book, but of course it will be me doing the work behind the scenes, as it were. Bracket is, I repeat, dead to Second Life, and he comes from the Corsica continent. I read all the related posts at the beach last week. It looks pretty solid as is.

Cardboard DJ not only flirted with Lisa The Vegetarian upon exiting Carr.’s gazebo last night but they actually have a date together. CDJ proposed that he pick up Lisa at the gazebo at 8 on Friday and they dine at the town diner. When he asked me a bit later (through Baker Bloch) about the state of the diner, I told them that they could serve hamburgers for sure, and I think there was some sushi and other fish dishes that I could round up. He seemed pleased enough with that.

I asked him if he felt slighted by Carr. referring to him (and Lisa) as “flatties”, meaning they’re “mere” two-dimensional cutouts in Second Life. He said that, well, he didn’t really answer that come to think of it. I haven’t talked to Lisa about the subject. *Can* I talk to Lisa?

A mysterious giant rook or raven alighted at Collagesity Heights and *ate* the Church with the Red Doors, along with the collage featuring Ray Davies inside. CDJ also told me this. I asked when this happened, and he said, the dead of night. He had to personally shoo it away from the lemon at the door of Carr.’s gazebo, he also said. I wondered why the rook or raven would hone in on that particular object next. Maybe it was the fire that attracted him or her.

CDJ said the raven/rook then strutted back and forth in front of him, obviously in a threatening position. “I was afraid he was going to eat *me* instead,” he admitted. But eventually, CDJ explained further, the blackbird gathered his wings and flew again into the night, skirting past the cat atop the Shiny Hare tower on his way upwards. CDJ believes the bird was testing how secure the cat was held to the tower’s top. “I know in my heart of hearts that this bird will return,” he finished up.

We didn’t even get a chance to talk about “Uncle Meatwad”. I don’t think he quite got the whole thing. But Spongeberg did in the main, and he’s the important one to convince on this particular item. I, through Baker Bloch again, am on my way to meet with him now. Talk soon!

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