Opening Up

“I still can’t see you Baker Bloch.”



“I heard Baker Bloch came by earlier and tried to speak to you but remained hidden. Can you give me a time frame for his return?”


No Baker Blinker, I can’t. Next question please. Do you want to ask about Otis?


Um, I don’t know. Do I?


No. Ask what you wish.


How about a report?


[That’s] fine.


Lockfry is still in town, despite making plans for his own exit. He lives in a travel trailer on the western end, not far from my house atall. I’m not sure I like this arrangement. I’m going to ask him to move it. Plus… I think I want him out, period.


That’s not what Karoz thinks. Karoz believes you are in love with him and that you are already a couple.


Not true! There’s a certain — attractiveness to him. As I said he reminds me of Karoz.


You better sit down and tell Karoz all this.


Meanwhile, Baker Bloch, behind the scenes of course and working as writer/producer/director again, prepares Collagesity’s House of Truth for a potential visit by Karoz and Baker Blinker. Karoz will confess to her (probably in the town diner next door to it) that he now remembers Lockfry as Devil Dave from Crabwoo. They will go to the House of Truth to take in pictures of Karoz’s discovery of the Big E in the Blue Feather Sea, called, at the time of their snapping in 2009, a dramatic re-creation of an ancient event.



Baker Blinker and Karoz arrive at the House of Truth to find that town graffiti artists have already vandalized an upstairs wall. “I tell you, Baker Blinker, we *have* to hold another town meeting soon or all will descend into chaos. People are still rumbling and grumbling about the Spongeberg speech. Thunder is on the horizon, soon followed by rain. The town will not forget his ‘sick’ remark.”


“Uh oh,” says Baker Blinker, head pointed heavenward. “Where’s a dratted red umbrella when you need it!”


Soon enough they would find out.


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