Gloomy Gus


“So you see, Past Lockfry. This has to be the equivalent of Jacobi’s Cabin in Collagesity. It is protected by a magic circle, a disused railroad in this case…”

“… and a circle of ash in the past,” completed John Lockfry 01. He was starting to catch on.

“Then there’s the rocking chair powered on its own, without anyone we can perceive sitting there.”

“Jacobi, again.”

“Yes. I cannot cross the magic circle, which tells you, if you’re perceptive, what I have become in the future. Can you guess?”

John Lockfry 01 didn’t know.

“You will see,” came the reply. “I will leave you on your own to examine the cabin, er, house. Meet me at Carrcassonnee’s at 0900 tomorrow morning. Don’t be late. Good luck.”

John Lockfry 02 disappears from John Lockfry 01’s side. John Lockfry 01 approaches the circular railroad. He’s left the magic circle, but can he return the same way?


In his case: yes.








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