“So Mr. John Lockfry. Tell me about this island you are from?”

“Well, Jack my large blue friend, it’s the most beautiful place you’ll ever see or visit. Lush vegetation. Climate that’s always comfortable. Rain, but such that refreshes. And the most important thing of all: it’s alive.”

“Sounds like where I’m from, actually,” responds Jack in his lower register voice. “The moon Pandora orbiting a gas giant in the Alpha Centari system. Well, actually I was originally from Earth like you, and only inhabited this body as an avatar or distant soul. But then the central Tree of Souls allowed me to enter it permanently as almost all other Earthlings and their avatars left our moon.”

John examines his knife again. “Hmph. Taking it all in, it does sound like we have a lot in common. But what about this wheelchair?” He pointed toward it with his knife. “It’s parked here in front of us. We both feel… uncomfortable with it being there.”


“Very true.” replied Jack. “It is a joined past. I was wheelchair bound before permanently entering the strong Na’vi body you see before you. You were a wheelchair bound mortal before coming to your special island and having your own crippled body healed.”

John Lockfry had an insight. “Maybe, deep down, the island and the moon are the same.”

“That is correct, comrade,” said a well dressed man appearing at the door. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am John Lockfry Two and I am from the future.”


“John Lockfry too??” both exclaimed.



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