Baker Blinker was emphatic. “We’re not getting married in a garage.”

“It’s not *in* the garage,” countered Karoz. “The machine is just outside.” Karoz’s frown expands. “You said you didn’t want to wait until Christmas and that you wanted to get hitched as soon as possible. I’m outlining a solution for you in a most logical manner.”

Baker sighed. “Okay, let’s do it. But I’m not *sleeping* in that garage.”

But they ended up doing just that. They moved around Jorondip several times during the first week of their honeymoon stay in Nautilus’ BoB. Then they came across this place in Gormthoog on the morning of Day 7 while biking up Highway 14.

“Could it be, Baker Blinker?” Karoz excitedly asks.


“Well whatta ya know.”


“And full permissions on rezzing as I’m checking now.”


“Pop out that old bed again Blinks!”


Baker sighed. And so went their second week. Awesome again. For Karoz.

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