Collagesity: The Latest

Gallery Jack gone (once more!). SoSo Gallery partially fills its place with the 20 collages of the Oblong series, not displayed in Jack. This is now found caddycorner to the also recently moved Boos gallery. A small, park like area has formed in the center of it all, around the headwaters of Confluence Stream. This makes more sense. And 339 prims left to play around with (!). We are ready for a next step.

But it may not come until November or December, what with a multitude of October hiking days just ’round the bend. Great time of year!

View west from main visitor’s entrance.

View east.

Confluence Stream headwaters exposed again.


Old Cannon Road: SoSo to left and Boos to right.

Orange Bar, back.

Orange Bar, front.

Upper floor now the main entrance into Starbuccaneers.

The Portal is still there. Starbuccarina is alive?!

Baker Bloch has his nice view back from the Norum College attic.

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