Collage Study Analysis 02


“What are you doing?” Karoz asked, seeing something appear on Wheeler’s chin.

“I’m trying to shut up so you can talk. I was attempting to put a pearl in my mouth. Didn’t work.”

Karoz let that drop and continued. “I’m reviewing again[ in my head]. Just a moment.” Wheeler didn’t say anything. After a pause, Karoz said, “Aw heck, I know what to do, like you said. I just need to go beyond Second Life in some way, materialize the 2130 dimension again, and walk in and talk to Story Room and especially the headless one.”

“Steptoe,” Wheeler answered again. “Sorry,” she then said. “Continue.”

“But what of me?” Karoz then asked. “I am Falmouth which then flows into Sam Parr, more *my* territory. There I am both fallen and unfallen.”

“Blue and grey,” Wheeler said. “Like a pearl.”

“Okay. So when I fall I turn into a black man. Like Scatman Crothers in that Shining film.

“Shiny Hare,” Wheeler says. They both let that hang in the air for a moment.

“The 10th”, Karoz finally utters, which Wheeler quickly agreed to. “It’s obviously black and white, on and off, north and south… blue and grey. Like in Gray, Maine, with the 1 soldier who doesn’t belong there and is part of the enemy scourge but was still accepted in death.”

“North and south,” Wheeler reiterates. “One comes out a victor. And it’s not going to be the right one.”

“And then there’s the whole Mars/ Martian thing. That comes along in Boos. Should I also go to Tungaske, Wheeler? You’ve been there too, I assume.”

“Oh yeah. That’s where Steptoe and I met. He was with Linda at the time.” Wheeler’s face screws up. “Was it Linda? Oh… I think it was Lisa. Yes, Lisa.”

“Lisa the Vegetarian?” Karoz asks. Then he realizes Wheeler was just playing with him. Wheeler was not with Steptoe in Tungaske.

“Do you like spools, by chance, Wheeler? Especially giant ones?” He might have figured out who she was.


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