No. Nine

Old Mabel takes a break from listening to Beetles music to write in her journal.


Dear Journal,

Yesterday we learned that the masked Librarian who has been sitting at The Table for one month is actually supposedly deceased detective/chef Keat Owens, who is actually and *really* a giant 4 handed fireproof creature (besalisk) named Dutch. Dutch also knows Unch, but we don’t understand the exact relationship yet. Wheeler is musician David Bowie is grey alien Jerome T. Newton.

I continue to have cursed dreams. A huge lusty red robot named Steve looming over the Collagesity public library and wishing to chat about robolution and ballerinas. Caucasian Tommy Brade and Even Whiter Walt at a bar talking sports and drugs on Meeting Flat, where I first saw Unch. So many more — the oval portal, yes. I think it is controlled now by plant people mentioned in Journal 2, which may be the same as the forest trees, or perhaps a particular species, maybe the eucalyptus, or maybe just the *big* eucalyptus. Or maybe just the big eucalyptus at 125/125.

My feelings for Baker Bloch continue in a different direction. He stayed with me until sunset day before yesterday, when I had a little, I mean, a tiny too much to drink. He did not hold me. 😦 I haven’t heard from Jiff or his girlfriend Brenda in over a week. Carrcassonnee — yes, I’ve dreamed about her as well. She wishes to communicate, obviously. She has wise words to say about Unch.

The Great Wall is an asp.

That is all for now. Goodbye and goodnight.

(I forgot to mention Lucky. Another night.)

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