“You guys really going to climb that thing?” the cartoon voiced Doughy the Doe Eyed Deer asked Old Grey (a.k.a Wheeler) and Snowmanster standing beside her, the former panting a bit and the latter not atall after their climb further into the snowy hills. Both were staring up at 300+ meter high Mount Shade, trying to figure out the best way to reach the top. Fortunately both had come up with the same plan, or the mountain may never have been conquered this day. You see, Old Grey and Snowmanster had been bickering with each other ever since they met up at the ski lodge on top of that spiral structure several days back. Both were certainly powerful beings. Both had seen their fair share of dark and light activities alike in the realm of magic. It’s just that one still saw value in darkness and the other really didn’t. Their discussion lately had centered around Old Grey’s New Island.


“The woods — plural — have shown me all shades of black and white and grey down through the years, Old Grey,” Snowmanster said at one point along their trek up. “I’ve sampled everything. All Santas have been my lovers, friends, enemies. Where I draw the line is *slavery*. Witchcraft and slavery.”

“It’s not slavery if it is consensual,” countered Old Grey, trying to match the the white being stride for stride still but already struggling just a little.

“I understand it is different for avatars,” returns Snowmanster. “We have to do what we have to do to keep attention. I too am a beautiful being underneath all this outer cover. I am also a tree, a robot, a zookeeper, a pedestrian about to cross a heavily trafficked street. I am all of these things and thousands more. You will not be able to keep up with me.”

“I do want to learn more about those woods,” Old Grey says, trying to hide any signs of being even slightly out of breath.


Back to the present and Mount Shade. “Cloudmont,” states Snowmanster. “Just beyond the far peak. Just on the other side. You’ll see. Have you caught your breath yet?”

“Shut up and get going,” is all she said back. They start up, one just behind the other now.


“Goodbye my old friend… and new friend,” Doughy calls after them. “Careful of the Yeti. It’s mating season.”

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