LEA11 01

The Musician gathering up gifts at Art Oluja’s LEA11 installation, entitled “Glass Jars.” Baker Bloch was warned about the opening of this aesthetic tour de force over a week back, but hasn’t visited the installation yet due to a lingering viral infection. New guy Musician was dispatched instead.

Um — wow! — this might take him a while.

Sticking to dry land for now, he quickly encounters a number of false windows suspended by cables surrounding an inlet of water. Water pours from the false sea depicted at the bottom of each window into the inlet, challenging us to consider the nature of reality here.

The Musician wonders what the paradoxical windows are attached to way up there, out of sight.

Sitting beside the inlet.

Standing up, The Musician falls into the water to discover more wonders. He’s entered something deep for sure! The sim abounds with life.

Amazing textures and shapes. I was studying Max Ernst a bit earlier tonight (see “What Crows See”) and this translates well into his vernacular.

The Musician then stumbles on what *might* be the heart of the exhibit: a small sea canyon filled with namesake glass jars. He discovers a sprite-like being named “secrets” holding a green scroll called “Letter from my secret garden”.

Stuck somehow on the wall beside her are many additional scrolls of different sizes and bindings, along with a number of bottles.

Since we are in a sea environment, we can speculate theses are matching bottles and messages, separated out and then arranged in this peculiar pattern for a particular reason (?) I can’t wrap my head around it tonight. I’ll have to return through The Musician another night, perhaps tomorrow. Until then!

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  1. veyot

    I reblogged this on tumblr because i liked the way you described it!

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