LEA11 03

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As The Musician simply walks through this seeming barrier blocking the gorge from the rest of the water sim, he comes up with a name: Ear Canyon. Ear Gorge perhaps. It’s all these inner ear looking rocks that inspired him. And perhaps the fact that sound is muted here. *And* the fact that he ran across an “ear bar” earlier in the same day.

Nice — he recognizes where he is from the day before. Lowlands dead ahead.

The Musician is particularly amazed by this aggregate shape of differently textured, block-like sheets looming beyond the end of Ear Canyon. Walking around it, he simply can’t figure the thing out. Representation of a book, perhaps?

He decides he has time to visit one (but only one) of the underwater rooms dotting the lowlands. He realizes that the artist is making a particular statement here. The Musician will have to re-read the installation’s note and attached references in order to make further possible proclamations.

Black, grey, white; open/closed. Hmm. Pine cones? Pineal gland?

Another night it will have to be.

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