LEA11 02

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The Musician is back in LEA11 surveying the waterscape. His tentative plan tonight was to hike along the bits of hilly land rimming the sim to procure different views of this strange, interior arrangement of cubic objects. But rain prims hindered him from using remote viewing very effectively along these sides. This is essentially a water sim through and through, and he cannot avoid getting wet much longer.

From his high perch, he takes a gander over at a the LEA sim conjoined with the southern edge of LEA11 — I believe this is LEA10. He wonders why the latter is so much lower than the former. He imagines a huge waterfall connecting the two where none exists. The Musician must get over thinking in mainland ways, where sims are all connected by Linden based topography. As far as he knows, all the LEA sims, which appear to number 29 right now if he’s reading his inworld map correctly, remain separate and unique from each other. Another way to look at it is that each acts a potential seed for an entire new virtual reality, beyond the Lindens and their mainland. And such is certainly the case here with LEA11. The Musician is visualizing a whole world from this seed.

He wishes to explore what appears to be a small cave on the surface, but turns out to be more bleedthrough from another LEA sim, this time the black color dominated LEA13 to the west. Nice rock arch, however.

Into the water he stumbles from nearby the arch. “Ah, this is more like it,” he coos, taking in the sights of an underwater canyon.

He immediately finds himself looking for a focus. Is it the poached egg shape plant illuminated on top of that tall dark rock?

Or is it that sticky out green plant positioned on the ledge behind it?

He jumps down into the bowels of the gorge to investigate further, and only when turning around spies the ladder leading up to a higher, clear passageway out of here.

After probing around a bit, The Musician eventually pushes his way through this passage to reach a perch overlooking the main underwater part of the sim, a large lowland that appears to be much flatter than the terrain he’s been exploring so far.

He returns to the canyon. What to name all this? Or does it already have a name?

Multicolored vegetation at the bottom of the gorge. The Musician remains very impressed by the color pallete used in creating the sim.

A more projecting rock (red coral?) greets him while he investigates the upper reaches of the canyon, furthest away from the sim’s center.

He finds he can lay on a nearby, flat grey rock. In fact, there are at least three “laying rocks” in the canyon that he’s uncovered now. Notice the alignment of 2 of these 3 with the more amorphous and larger rock at the top of the ladder in the background here. I also forgot to mention that although The Musician heard ambient music while exploring dry land, when he dived down into this canyon all native sounds suddenly ceased, but then were heard faintly again as he approached the lowlands (as he’s calling them) from that high passage. This is a quiet zone.

Using remote viewing again for more investigating, he catches another strange glimpse of a neighboring LEA sim. But in moving the camera up or down, the vision quickly dissipates. Is it a portal? No, he must keep from thinking such things here. LEA sims are monads and do not blend. This is simply an accidental effect, a curiosity.

The Musican still laying on the rock now far in the background.

Rock at the top of the ladder.

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