foundation 02

Fisher and Bendy or Lord Bendington returned to the place of their rebirth, wondering if the pink mini coop was in good enough shape to be driven around the island. They had a lot of ground to cover now what with running New Island Studios and visiting all those galleries. Or potential galleries. Reliable wheels would be nice.

“Hey Fisher,” Bendy said in his standard gruff tone, staring beyond the car.”

“Hey Lord Bendington,” Fisher replied playfully in an innocent monotone.

“Do *you* remember that island over there? I don’t.”

Fisher admitted it was all just a blur for him when they resurfaced to the, um, surface, but knew LB, being a robot, would have a more accurate memory imprint of the event. At least now that he’s back in the Elephant Club.

“A new island,” Lord Bendington said almost religiously. “‘Nother one.”

“How many does that make?” Fisher queried. “We need to start *eliminating* them instead of adding to the total.”

“I *know*.”

“We should name it for the sim instead. Not New Island or New New Island or whatever this time.”

“Good one!” A satisfied Bendy sits in the car. “Hop in. Let’s see what this baby’s still got!”

“Um. Bendy?”

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