Fisher was having one of those dreams where all he could do was sit in a particular spot and look around.


A man with a red cross on his chess beckoned him down off his perch to play chest, insisting he take white.

“Black goes first,” he said after Fisher is seated, promptly sliding a pawn to King 4. Fisher found he was frozen again, unable to protest the rules change. The pieces moved before him against his will. It was over in 13: black triumphs once more. “Boris Spaskey!” he cussed, then imagined a black crow perched on the tombstone of a freshly dug grave. He didn’t dig it. He didn’t!

Objects spread beneath the waters in all sorts of mad ways.

A captain and his trip.

Dorothy at the beginning of both the yellow and red bricked roads. Spinning.

Another dreamer floated nearby, a mermaid.

She was having a slightly different dream where Fisher sat at a red desk and watched several stationary red spots in front of him.

When he moved, they moved (slightly).

It was time to talk to the red brain-heart.

Whom Bee Thee ???


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4 responses to “Wonderland

  1. Dex Laserskater

    Boris, Bob and Battle of Brains;
    Victim of religion, Menorah restrains;
    Did Bob dig his very own graves;
    Captain’s log and Dorothy’s pains.

    • Dex Laserskater

      Thanks. It’s a poetic expression of my stream of consciousness that your story produced.
      – Chessgame: Spassky-Fischer,
      – Bob as a Jew hated Jewism,
      – his fierce nature might shortened his life
      – Star Trek’s captain with Wizard Oz’s Dorothy completed the dream

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