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third 02

There was still a kind of town or at least community here in Meribel, the animated snowman thought, teleporting into the center of the sim.

But was it enough to make him change?


Ahh. Santa’s Workshop still here in Porvoo. That’s encouraging too.

I know this is good; I’ll save it for later.


No Arosa Village downtown any longer (drat!). But small yet intense Inferalist remains for more possible scenes. Good as well.

However, in examining further, the berg seems to have shrunk even more since Collagesity novel 3. Another backset then, it seems.


The backside of what remains of the Arosa Village.

Site of former downtown.

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“I don’t think he-she’s coming out of there, wife of mine. I think we’ve lost her-him to Utah.”

“Don’t always be so negative about things, husband so dear. Utah was chosen by all.”

They paused, considered. Then Fairy Ruby, who was now playing the permitted seasonal role of Mrs. Claus, spoke up again.

“I wonder if Snowmanster will show up to save the day? Like Superman.”

“Depends…” and they both say this in sync: “… if our user splurges the 400 lindens to make it so.” 4 again, I realize beyond the screen, like 40,000 but 100 times less. 2 dollars? I think I can manage it.


“I’m here to save the day!” an extremely, nay, *irritatingly* high pitched Snowmanster wannabe called from the edge of the compound.

“Cheapskate,” groused observing Santa-Axis softer to his wife. Then: “Okay, um, *Snowmanster*! Come join us by the fire for a powwow won’t you!”

“Don’t mind if I do! Don’t mind if I do!”


He was still yelling, even from a few feet away. “Well?! Who’s going to start!?” They stare, waiting for the change. Will it come? Hold on…

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