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Mystic Girl had finished washing and dying her hair, actions which gave Dr. Nightwing the chance to slip away and meet Audrey in the Asunder gorge.

“This road is deeply disturbing to me, Mystic Girl,” Dr. Nightwing pronounced in front of the identifying sign, somehow missed before in his investigations.

We must be nearing The End, Mystic Girl thought but of course didn’t speak aloud.

Not needing a reply, Dr. Nightwing took another gander down the long road, approx. half a sim in length. “No VW on this particular Abbey Road, but many *other* cars  — seemingly abandoned alongside it, even in the shallow woods to the west.”

“And then a wall running almost the entire length on the east, allowing potential access into the next sim only through a small gate about halfway down from here…”

“… and then this larger gate at the end… actually, maybe a little beyond the end. ”

The Straight, silly, thought Mystic Girl. This is another representation.

“If we could only get through that gate. That’s the key. But we *need* a key to pass through. Another conundrum. That little car there must have tried and failed. Trapped in the snow with the others.”

“We are not allowed access. But that doesn’t mean something can’t come through from the other side.”

Her Majesty.


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It was in Schism where the next holiday figure was found, a logical choice because, like the Asunder sim where we saw the Dr. and companion Audrey last, it contains a significant gorge, longer and shallower in nature this time. But it was on a small island in a frozen lake near the top of the gorge where the actual killing took place. The rogue yeti, disguised within a snow laden tree of similar height and proportions, easily surprised and overwhelmed its prey.

We pray for the family of unlucky Schism Santa, victim no. 13.

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