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“Could be in this very gorge here that we find the next victim, Audrey.” He eyes her heart shaped ruby pendant again, leans closer to admire it more this time. “This gorgeous… gorge.” He clasps the pendent and raises it. Funny, she thinks. This is exactly what I did to Jeffrie’s tie earlier.



“Gorges,” Dr. Nightwing begins again. “Not *that* kind of gorge…” he points to the pendant, “… but *this* kind.” He waves his arm to indicate the place they’re at. “Think back my love. The 7th which was actually the 1st — spotted in a Purden gorge by Woody and Snowmanster. The 8th was ate, true, so no need to hide the cadaver in a gorge. Then the mass snowmen grave which, afterwards, was turned *into* a gorge through excavation… mini-gorge, true, but still…”

“And this… book you gave me earlier. Will explain it all, as it’s happening in… real time? Amazing.”

“There’s only one other copy, Audrey, so keep that stashed away in a safe spot at all costs. Fallen into the wrong hands…”

“I know, I know. End of a world.”

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“They’re eventually going to find this place, Audrey. They’re scouting hither and thither for the killer of all those sickening Christmas figures… Santas, elves, snowmen, the lot.”

“I know, I know.” She takes a quick sip of her sake, then: “I’ll try to deflect Dr. Nightwing as much as possible on my end.”

“He’ll soon give you the book. Tell you to read it up to the end, which is almost the end of 4 now.”

“Right.” She rehearses what will happen. “I’ll *take* the book, shocked (she feigns shock on her face here while reaching forward), saying, ‘golly gee darnit (Jeffrie Phillips laughs at her here), I’ve *heard* of these mirror books but I had no idea…'”

“Good,” he replies. “Shocked and awed.”

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