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“Now where are we on this map again, Wheeler?”

“You know where we are, Woody. Nautilus. Right in the middle.”

“Oh. Yeah. I was looking around the edges.”

“No longer. Smack dab in the center,” she reinforced to the new town leader. Who was actually Baker Bloch once more, of course. And herself tonight? Let’s go with Hidi again.

But then I, the user of both, was pretty much shocked to find this out-of-the-way sky bar in Fordham, about the only other business I could find in the sim besides the galleries in 7 Stones itself, was owned by the same Lemon who ran that bar in Fishertown — formerly Wallytown — featured in Collagesity novel 10 (“Collagesity 2018 Later”). And a *Lemon* at that, recalling how we were just talking about World of Lemon vs. Linden (Lime) World in a post from yesterday. Startling, really. How could this be? Better get back to the characters right now, though. But I think they should know this too. I’ll have Woody mouth the fact in his oh-so-nasal voice…

“I checked the About Land before, Wheeler. This place is owned by a Ms. *Lemon*, and the same avatar that owned Bar Lemon in Wallytown featured in novel 10.”

Wheeler’s jaw dropped. How could this be?

She decided to change over into a character whose jaw could actually drop, though, since Hidi was a mesh figure.

Quick and easy, yeah, but limiting in that way.

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