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After The Blackstars’ latest jam session, lead singer Improvio and drummer Woody Woodmanson hung back in the sky island to chat about the band’s future. Howard, Pretty Man, and Sheriff had all headed to the Ear Bar down in Soho.

“Well Woody,” began Improvio. “You said you had something to talk about. I think it went pretty well tonight. Band’s pretty tight. I had worries about Pretty Man especially but it’s all shaping up. Pretty Man’s not just another pretty face but has real talent at the keyboards.”

“*Howard* was on the keyboards tonight. Not Pretty Man. You need to turn around and acknowledge the band now and then.” Woody was in an unusually pissy mood tonight. The rehearsal didn’t go as well for him as it did for Improvio.

The blue lead singer tried to assuage his wood toy drummer. He changed the subject for a moment. “Tell you what, why don’t you take me down to the center of the Purden Woods tonight and show me this Core-Alena tree you’ve been on about. How about that?”

But Woody would not be deterred. “Here’s my thing,” he said, continuing the mood. “Sure we can jam and jam and jam until we toast ourselves to death. But it’s all spinning wheels and slinging mud. Nothing’s *written down*. Jam, jam, jam,” he said again. “We need…”

“No,” broke off Improvio. “I’m not going back to Gaston and interact with those other two.”

Woody stopped walking on the log and hopped off, holding his brightening key in front of him.

“I’m getting a message from the Great Cheese,” he spoke solemnly. There was a small pause, then: “Yes, you must return to Gaston. But it’s not Gaston, it’s *Garson*.”

“What?” exclaimed Improvio, as he turned to see what Woody was transfixed by. A large, bald man with queerly tilted head had appeared on the edge of the sky island.

He steps further…

“Alright I’ll go back Woody,” proclaims a totally spooked Improvio.

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Wanderlust Bench Art Cafe, 04/29/17.

March/April exhibit described here.

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“That jigsaw nub looking bend in the Greenup stream above little Ringo’s head, John, links the two collages together, 05 and 06,” says Wilson Baker Bloch.

“Please. Call me George,” states The Musician. He’s putting the pieces together.

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Bogota series continues (collage 11(!))

This is a little different: the order of the collages in what’s now the second floor of the exhibit runs reverse from the first and the third. This was dictated by the nature of the collages themselves. More details later, but for now let’s join Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch taking a tour…


“That’s Precious Snowflake at the bunny related shop in Ohno. But I wasn’t asked to be there for the photo.”

“No, that’s me,” clarified Baker Bloch to Baker Blinker while staring with her at newly place Bogota Collage 11 in Castle Jack. “The important thing to get, or overarching thing, is that *this* collage is set in Ohno on the almost extreme *east* side of Snowlands. And then the collage immediately before this, called, let’s see, “You Must Have Patience,” is based on a photo of extreme *western* Snowlands. These two act as a frame.”


“Very interesting,” Baker emphasizes. “I had a tarot reading tonight by the (new) owner of the land in that slightly earlier collage, Baker Blinker. I won’t give out the name, only say that her initials involve the same letter — like us.”

“I know who it is,” Baker Blinker declared. “I go over there too while you’re not logged in.”

“Okay — didn’t know that but okay. Back to the tarot reading: it seemed almost identical to the one our user got in real life only several days back. The question posed?”

“Don’t say it,” Baker Blinker requested.

“Alright.” Baker Bloch paused. “But do you think *they* were contacting me — us — through Second Life. Reinforcing the original answer.”

“Of course, obviously.”

“Snowlands is being cleared. I will be giving up my rental in the (extreme) western part in a little over a week. I don’t see any reason to continue my rental, despite the tarot reading next door.

“Let’s go see it,” Baker Blinker proferred. “Before the deletion. I’ll show you what I know. We’ll go, let’s say, biking (!). When’s the last time we biked together?”

“Hey Baker…” Baker Bloch began asking Baker Blinker, now staring directly at her and away from the newest Bogota collage.

“Better name this one,” Baker Blinker said before he could finish his question, making the male Baker return his stare toward it.

“Hmm, what do you suggest?”

“Bigfoot,” Baker Blinker answered without pause.


“One points to the snow, the other to the big rabbit’s foot. Snowlands in toto.”

“And Bigfoot,” Baker Blinker reinforced.

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Unusual Ohno Meeting

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“I’m going to walk this labyrinth every day.” Baker Blinker smirked at her husband. “*Almost* every day.”

“Let’s head over to Perch and grab some lunch, Karoz,” Baker Blinker then suggested. “Wheeler said she’d be meeting us there. It will be tough because none of us are interchangeable with each other. All three are unique monads.”

“We’ll have to reduce windows, eliminate trees, grass — the usual. Nothing beyond the capabilities of our user.”

“We’ll see,” Baker Blinker replied. She hadn’t been practicing these tricks as much as Karoz recently.


“Where is she?” asks Karoz in his usual impatient ways. “New Island, pheh.”

“Why don’t you tell me about Baker Bloch’s ideas for you being a novelist while we wait, Karoz.” Baker Blinker had done some yoga in preparation for this meeting and was pretty relaxed, despite the circumstances. Maybe she can be the voice of reason tonight.


But no time. Wheeler manifested behind them and took a seat. Karoz knew she’d like the one next to the wall. And next to him. “Better narrow those windows further now, Baker Blinker,” he requested. Because Wheeler certainly isn’t going to reduce hers, he thought.


“Where *is* that chef Owens with our menus?” barks Wheeler. “Must be, what, 5 minutes since I arrived?” A word had hardly passed between the three since she showed up.

“It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, Wheeler,” explained Baker Blinker, already with an edge. “Skeleton crew in the middle of the night here at Perch. Your chef has transformed into a detective. Maybe out trying to solve one of the crimes you committed, haha.”

“That’s no good,” Wheeler replied, nonplussed by the female Baker’s sarcasm. “This is *my* restaurant, *my* town.” She looked at both Baker Blinker and Karoz Blogger and drew back. “Isn’t it?”

Baker Blinker was direct. “Tell us what happened in Snowlands, Wheeler, um, Wilson.”


Wheeler’s secret table room had been found out by the real owner of the Way Station parcel. Objects returned to owner (i.e., Wheeler). She had to come back to Collagesity. She may have the opportunity to rent more in the middle of Inferialist, but, in truth, a disconnect of sorts has occurred between the extended Baker family and Snowlands. For now at least. Baker Bloch (playing the role of Snowmanster) also felt it wise to delete his newly rezzed home next to Woody’s on the east side of Purden Forest. So none of the family have secret dwellings in Sansara’s Snowlands region now. Oh… except one perhaps. Karoz. Perhaps this is the night Baker Blinker found out about the deep dank DARK power of Mid Hazel. This is the subject of Karoz’s projected first novel. In the future.


“Alright, spill the wine Karoz and Wheeler,” she requested. “We’re all in this together. We all need to be on the same page so we can face the threat collectively. Don’t you think, *Karoz*?” Her yoga induced relaxation was wearing off, muscles tensing up once more. She was spouting reason but not in the calm manner she was hoping. Tension — why do people create it when interacting? And why do we need it *fictionally*?


“‘Deep Dank… DARK'”, Wheeler states firmly. “That will be the name of the book. It will be published March 17, 2018. The day the trees died over in Rubi. The day Master Purden died between the green and the white (trees) in Snowlands. Diagonal. It will be based on The Diagonal.” She reorients her hands under her chin. “This is the only way we can be saved.”

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There was a tapping at the window. Karoz awoke. “Stars,” he quickly determined, looking over at the wire decoration. “Only stars.” But then his name came in the wind. “Ka-roz.” It chilled him to the bone. He stood up on the bed.

He then saw the person — or being — outside. Under the stars. Near the ground but still floating above it. A conical hat topped being on a cross but also holding a cross, a larger one. Was this the legendary Bigfoot he had heard about stalking the area? The rogue one? He must protect himself if so! But he had no weapons he knew of, no sword, gun, nothing. One of Baker Blinker’s frying pans? Where was Baker Blinker? Karoz sensed she was missing. Downstairs cooking in an eerie, even hideous light… but still missing.

Karoz awoke with a startle, also waking up Baker Blinker in the bed beside him. “Squidmares again?” she half joked while turning toward him.


2 hours later:

“Is she still there Doria? Doria??”

“Oh. No.”

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