Part 05 (Spring 2016; Middletown, then Bigfoot, Pre-Chesterton)


Blue Mtn.>Middletown (Again)

Development is occurring on the Middletown mythos again. This is the place we’ll most likely be spending our retirement time starting in 7-10 years. Probably more like 7, actually. I had several nice Middletown hikes both this past Saturday (morning) and then again on Monday.


1st set of shots come from locations along a railroad about 1 1/2 miles south of Future Home. I do not yet have a mythological name for this area, but it’s probably coming. Along the rr I found a more heavily graffitied wall, naturally picturesque.

This kind of sums up the life of a graffiti artist, don’t you think?


Thick green strokes for this unintelligible scrawl.


Hobo graffiti ghost? Teaching smaller ghosts about the ethereal art of spray painting?


I see a number of “B-TEAM’ and “MOMS” on the wall.



Another, lower wall along the rr. The creek running through here may be named Hemp, but not totally 100 percent sure of that yet.


Interesting underpass beneath Superhighway 30 which parallels the rr along this stretch.


Stairs just beyond. This is an official trail along the Greenway. I should back up here and say that Greenway, Superhighway 30 and the Nowhere River conjunct at this place. LINK


Underpass pipe with scrawl that’s suppose to be intelligible but still appears cryptic. Not graffiti, obviously, but sharing certain features.



We now switch to a location considerably closer to Future Home, or what I’m calling First Stream or perhaps Prime Stream (Pream?). Actually there are two streams in the area that combine to form one stream at Upper Mossman Road. So maybe one is First and the other is Prime. So my thinking is that the closest to Future Home is First, and then the twin stream, more protected and hidden in the woods, is Prime.

The Greenway is also very close to First/Prime. A path connects latter to former, running by these more interesting and larger rocks.


Mysterious bridges span Prime and First at many places. I’ll certainly create a map asap.


There’s junk in the area. A considerable amount.


Head o’ Prime.


Another Prime bridge. Guarded by thorny bushes. Obviously not been used in a while.


Bricks in Prime.


Circle of green along Prime. Violet, green, orange actually. More on First/Prime soon!









Bentmore-Future Home line passes directly over Greenway here where it intersects path leading to Prime/First Stream area via Grassy. In this location, Grassy and Greenway act like concentric circles. Future Home = center?

Grassy (all):



The Plutonians are two jagged-shaped aliens from the planet Pluto or beyond Pluto.

Oglethorpe (voice of Andy Merrill), the leader, is the obese, orange-colored one who usually comes up with their “plans” for World Domination. Emory (voice of Mike Schatz), his tall green sidekick, who was explained to be partners since college, hooked up by a computer, is the tag-along of Oglethorpe, and usually the one to know when things have gone sour. In “The Last One,” Oglethorpe mentions that he went to high school with Ignignokt, mentioning some kind of incident on the bus. Despite this, the Mooninites think that “Plutonians are teh suck”, which started Spacecataz. The Plutonians’ ship is also, incidentally, Uglor’s ship from Space Ghost Coast to Coast. They can be seen in Master Shake’s pinball machine in Eggball.


They are named after the two universities in Atlanta, where Williams Street created Adult Swim.

Mount Oglethorpe, the southernmost peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains,[2] is located in Pickens County, Georgia and was the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail from when the trail was completed in 1937 until 1958. In 1958, as a result of over development around Mount Oglethorpe, the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail was moved about 20 miles (32 km) to the northeast to Springer Mountain. Mount Oglethorpe is considered by some to be a more dramatic mountain than Springer Mountain, but the construction of a gravel logging road on the mountain and the development of a number of pungent chicken farms along the route, contributed to the move.

Until 1930, Mount Oglethorpe was called Grassy Knob, but the peak was renamed Mount Oglethorpe in honor of James Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia.

Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930, and was originally considered the ninth planet from the Sun. After 1992, its status as a planet fell into question following the discovery of several objects of similar size in the Kuiper belt. In 2005, Eris, which is 27% more massive than Pluto, was discovered, which led the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to define the term “planet” formally for the first time the following year.[14] This definition excluded Pluto and reclassified it as a member of the new “dwarf planet” category.[15]

Bottom line: Both the (southern) terminus of the Appalachian Trail and our planetary Solar System were shortened by the exclusion of Mt. Oglethorpe and Pluto respectively. Mt. Oglethorpe changed its named from Grassy in 1930. Pluto was discovered in 1930. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s) Oglethorpe is a Plutonian. He’s recently been seen in Collagesity starting here, and directly replacing a grassy colored Karoz at the bottom of Confluence Pool who may realize the same here (?).



Arab is a way to focus Grassy. Means “Foreign One” or perhaps “Alien”, like a Plutonian.

Grassy > Oglethorpe in 1930; Birth of Secondary Triad beyond [Prime/Primary]


First/Prime 01

I returned to the First/Prime stream area this past beautiful sunny March Saturday. I found out more. Below we have where the First/Prime path crosses Greenway, and right on the Bentmore-Future Home line as mentioned previously LINK. A set of rocks mark the path on either side of Greenway.


Many more rocks dot the area, including a more interesting one pictured below. Probably soon enough I’ll have names or at least exact locations on a map for all the prominent rocks of First/Prime.


There are or were obviously squatters in the region. This is the second (and larger) former (?) campsite I found along or near Greenway. The homeless population of Middletown is a large problem, not the least for me and my woods prying ways. I seem to know *exactly* where their camps are. I *think* like the homeless; are in sync with them in terms of hunting for places in the woods and wilderness. I might just have to make friends with some of them. I’m also thinking that graffiti artists are camping in the area at times. Might run into them some too. Will have to deal with that as well.


I will reinforce: the place of this campsite is a *point of power* in the region. The camp seems abandoned. Do I create a cleanup? Does this represent legitimate “junk” that I can make an art happening with? These are the questions I am facing. I have to make new happening rules to conform with different Middletown energies.


Greenway intersection of another (higher elevation) path running into First/Prime.


Interesting ravines and old roads are multiple.


Other objects dot the area.


Below is what appears to be a more swampy source of Prime Stream, beyond Grassy (road) and what I had explored several days before. Much ivy is in the area, but not, at least presently, the poison variety. Ivy ivy, the good kind.


This is Grassy where Prime Stream passes under it to snake toward the intersection with First Stream about a 1/4th of a mile beyond.


Another rock.



First/Prime 02

Then we move across Grassy to Secondary, which lies within and also beyond First/Prime. How beyond? Much like the secondary color triad lies both within and beyond the primary triad. Primary *creates* Secondary, as a son/daughter. Internal triangle. So I’ve decided that will be the name for this subregion for now: Secondary. It is featured in what might be the “Bogota 01” collage pictured in preliminary form at the end of this slightly future post. 🙂 Interpretation, thus, to follow, but I’m not sure “Bogota 01” is yet finished. I’m going to treat this collage series a little different from others, perhaps.


Main green circle (front) mirrored by a second green circle behind it. Represents Green in general. Grassy and Green. Green, green grass of home, etc. Orange Prime Stream is in front of it from this angle. This is near where the Arab-like alien Oglethorpe emerged from this tributary of Grassy and became something else in 1930. Pluto is born, a homeworld. Oglethorpe meets Emery, the green or at least olive representation of Grassy. Between them they create the White Rock or, better, White Stone, which *could* be the same as “Collagesity Winter 2015-2015″‘s Moon of Moon, which becomes the primary Moon in the end. It is squaring the circle (of the moon). It’s lots of things. Moving on…


A nearby bend in Prime Stream that seems to indicate a natural ford into Secondary.


Detail of ford.


Again, Secondary is a combination or fusing of the 3 secondary colors of green, orange and violet. The seep that runs underground into Prime here is the violet part, and appropriately colored. But, ironically (?), the only obvious place I could find where it runs into Prime is colored more orange than Prime Stream itself…


And if we look closer at this seep, we see streaks of orange as well inside the dominating violet or dark purple.


On what could be the more western end of Secondary appears this bridge made from a piece of lumber. It really serves no functional purpose. The small creek can be jumped at many places without the aid of a bridge in this location. But, like I said before, there are many bridges over Prime Stream, some of which serve a current function and others obviously not doing so.


And below we have an example of another ford, with bricks protruding from Prime Stream in this location. Was there once a *brick* bridge at this point? I can’t presently wrap my brain around this creek. It contains deep mysteries, but of a different current than the ones I’m more use to in Blue Mountain (current home).


Western Secondary.


A larger Secondary bridge I’ve already taken a picture of for this blog LINK.


And then the end of Prime Stream at Upper Grassy, before it passes under same to reach that more swampy area across the road which seems to represent the brook’s true source (Ivy Marsh?).


Grassy + Ivy make Gravy?




First/Prime 03

Secondary’s violet seep again, looking across it toward Prime Stream. The landmark circle of plants which I think is club moss now can still be spotted in the background.


Suspiciously rounded knot on a nearby log.


Reminds me of a globe. Does it stand for some kind of world, perhaps of alien source?


Giedi Prime from David Lynch’s “Dune”

And then we come to the mysterious bare spot next to the still unnamed violet seep, very golden in color. There’s no other such cleared spot that I could find in this forest — unique, then. Good news: I will probably get to visit Middletown and this area again on Saturday, and will have more pictures to share after that. Yippie! Expanding this new mythology is so much fun.


Looking south over the seep toward Prime Stream.


Details of seep. Perhaps hypnotic in design. Perplexing color and textures up close. It appears violet but then it’s also orange-brown?


A brick appears on the edge of the cleared space, also colored brown like the ground. Why so? And does it represent a *dwelling* place, like bricks did in the Fall 2015 toy happened I named Bigfoot, most prominently for star Taum Sauk?


Another picture of that ford I mentioned in the First/Prime 02 post.


Obviously many mysterious remain to be uncovered about Secondary, but for now we must move on…


Here’s a shot of the most central bridge crossing Prime Stream a bit south of what I’ve defined as Secondary, with the attached path still being used as a bike route by locals. The path essentially bisects the First/Prime area into north and south regions. My educated guess is that bike paths use to be more extensive in the area.



First/Prime 04

We shift now to First Creek in the next valley west of Prime Stream, so named because, coming from the direction of Future Home, it would be the first stream encountered in the protected wilderness.


Vegetation here is quite different from Prime Stream. More ivy. More plants in general. It’s also closer to civilization. First Creek cannot be a *prime* focus because of that. Prime is prime; it is what it is. But since I’ve taken these pictures, I’ve also determined that the region I’ve named Secondary within this Prime is also not prime. It also is what it is. And it’s like Second Life now in relation to Prime or Real Life. The latter must take the upper hand. I must not forget about the real. That’s the message I’m receiving.


The First/Prime Path runs through the area, connecting wilderness and the Greenway with civilization in this direction. This is a bridge over First, compliment to the bridge over Prime we’ve just seen. Bikers *do* still use this path, as I witnessed last Saturday. The biker didn’t see me, however, as I squatted in hiding on the edge of Prime Prime, taking it all in.


And the spot pictured below is very near where I was squatting and observing. Here we start with the central mysterious of Prime. The primary part of Prime, as stated. I cannot speak to it much yet, except to say that from the Prime Bridge on down to where Prime Stream meets First Creek is the focus. Real life focus.


Mystery bridge of Prime Prime, presently without real life function.


Prime Prime forest of club moss with accompanying holed tree.


Objects in the stream below.


A blurred tree.


A nearby rocky beach.


A larger stone in Prime just downstream from the beach.


Downstream from that: a tangle, a mess. This is the beating h(e)art of Prime Stream?



First/Prime 05

An empty field. Devoid of small house now. Devoid of beating. An empty field, on the edge of which meets First and Prime. Which came first? Which is prime?


Whatever, First/Prime continues on in merged fashion, soon crossing under the road named Grassy. It will never reach Greenway just to the south, however. That is not in its story. This is more a Grassy domain. Secondary takes Grassy thru Prime and turns it into Oglethorpe in ancient, 1930 times. Pluto is revealed. Adult Swim.


Moving now to the middle of Middletown, I found these toy avatar displays surrounding three planted trees.




It brought it all down to Earth again. Tyle; Clear Space again, and filling it all in. Sun into Moon.




Hucka D.:

I’m back! First/Prime is obviously long term. Who created the clear space at Secondary? Is it a lair of a Mossman? Bigfoot I meant there. Am I *Carrcassonnee*?


Don’t know, Hucka D. The clear space LINK is obviously not of ordinary composition. It is art… Bigfoot art. I would guess it may be the dwelling spot of toy avatar Taum Sauk in a new incarnation.

Hucka D.:

Take him down there[ to Middletown]. Take pictures. Poison ivy will be out very soon. You’ll have to shift to Bigfoot, then. Develop *that* mythology as well. The Ridge. Rediscovery. It’s all connected. Hand Lake.


Can you speak more of First/Prime?

Hucka D.:

A *big* subject. Where do you spend time after death? There? Afterdeath, like AfterMASH.


I think I’m setting myself up from future to past. Middletown is, long run, a stronger energy than Blue Mtn. We probably lived in places like Middletown before.

Hucka D.:

Bath. Another paradise town. But in the meantime… the crop circles.


I *revealed* the crop circle fascination to family last week, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Nice. Now they know. And facebook for Collagesity Winter 2015-2016. I’m in it!


Not a starring role, but… yes, you’re definitely there.

Hucka D.:

Next time[ around] give me more lines.



Hucka D.:

All you’s can do is focus on Middletown from the combined strength of Future Home and First/Prime and Secondary within. Secondary strengthens Primary now. Green-orange-violet on top of Red-yellow-blue. 1930. Bogota 01 (?).*





  • Clear Space is seen background left in the above collage, although I didn’t realize it at the time of the snapping.



Hucka D.:

You might as well say this is Pluto and move on. Pluto and Moon together.


Thus: Sharon.

Hucka D.:

You better speak, then, to Carrcassonnee, who is Sharon. Incarnate.




When Secondary is born, the moon complements and cools the sun. The sun dies and is reborn in an honorable fashion. Flares are in.




Hucka D.:

Do you really want to know? You’re telling yourself here.


Not really.

Hucka D.:

Good. But this is *symbolically* it. This is where *it* will happen. When you do that the whole area will be energized. It will be forever. Prepare. That is where you will lay down.


I am Taum Sauk.

Hucka D.:

You are all toy avatars. You are the King. Joined with the Queen. Planted. In the ground. By an agriculturalist. Tyle from TILE. Tyle is down to earth. Ground. TILE is too up in the air. You will return. It will end.


The *house*. The house will live on.

Hucka D.:





First/Prime Again

My photos didn’t come out as well this weekend because of the intense sun, but I wasn’t complaining much(!) Another beautiful day in Middletown, with highs in the upper 70s as I recall. All of these except the final pic come from First/Prime again, like a more interesting pebble beach in Secondary’s orange Prime Stream…


… a nearby orange bottle in same…


… bricks in same — this is a natural fording place in the stream again LINK…


… and then the intense orange seepage of Violet into Prime, once more. Compare with here. LINK


We move now to the very center of First/Prime on the main path running through it. Someone has obviously gathered these sticks together, perhaps for the purpose of creating or reinforcing a bridge over Prime in this location.


Downstream, we come into relative wilderness again. This is an interesting photo because of the creek stone on the lower right, which contains a mysterious, central hole. Notice also the rock colored bottle, as if it is trying to fit or blend in with its differently constituted neighbors.


A line of somewhat darker rocks in the same general region. I’m not sure if these were lined up by human hands or not…


Nearby driftwood piece in the stream.


We’ve now moved just a little further downstream where Prime Stream (left) meets up with First Creek (top). Notice that First Creek appears to be the larger of the two at this juncture. Together they continue onward as perhaps First/Prime Creek/Stream, despite the name awkwardness. We’ll see…


An open meadow is found across from the juncture, which up until a year or two ago, contained a small house. A family named Hart may have lived in this house for a short time. I’ll attempt to get more clarification on that soon.


One of two mysterious, brick composed pits found near the Greenway on the southern edge of First/Prime. Since rungs appear on the side of each, apparently for descending purposes, we can assume these were originally much deeper. Did the two entrances, about maybe 50 feet apart, even connect to each other at one time?


A nearby First/Prime gully with large, spanning tree trunk.


Forest Falls, which is *not* a part of First/Prime but still represents a local phenomenon — about 7 miles ne of Future House in this case.


Conclusion for now: First/Prime is just small enough to fly under the radar of hiker/biker attention but large enough to create a super interesting microcosm for present and future consideration.



Asheville (3):


Because of its variant name of Ash(e)ville, Ashville PA may be most connected to Ash(e)ville NC, as discussed here a bit:

My Ash(e)ville may earn the nickname of Little Chicago through this. It has a very large downtown for a city its size. And then for other reasons I change its name to Middletown later on. Chicago is in the middle of the US, in the Great Lakes region.

Let’s turn to Ashville, then, and the kindred to Ashville PA in a more direct, surface way:


Along with Ashfield PA, Canoncet RI is the only listed variant of Ashville, and the only one not containing the root word “Ash”. It is located in a county (Washington) already mentioned in the blog here in connection with triple state names:

Carolina and Wyoming are also both in Washington County in Rhode Island, and so both make types of triple state name as well (Carolina, Washington, Rhode Island and Wyoming, Washington, Rhode Island). Largest “Ashville”, by far (Ash(e)ville/Middletown), is located in (North) Carolina.

Wyoming in Iowa County in Wisconsin state probably makes up the most profound or central triple state name of this kind, and may additionally highlight Wyoming RI here.

It brings to mind this: Are there any towns in counties and states of the *same* name (as opposed to all different names). This would be a triple state redundancy, then, and the opposite of all three having different names.

The only two that come close involve large cities:

1) *Part* of New York City (basically Manhattan) lies in New York county in New York state.
2) *Most* of Oklahoma City lies in Oklahoma county in the state of Oklahoma.


Returning to Ashville OH, we can perhaps extend our range through understanding that a city named Circleville is the county seat and largest burg of inclusive Pickaway County.

Ashville and Circleville in Pickaway County, Ohio

Circleville, true to its name, was originally designed as a circle. Story here:


Circleville was unique among early American towns, built to conform to a circular prehistoric earthworks. When Pickaway County was formed in 1810 there were no existing settlements that seemed suitable for a county seat. Therefore, a new town was laid out within the ancient’s “circle” on the high bank east of the Scioto River. It’s streets radiated from an octagonal courthouse in the center of the circle.

Two communities existed near Circleville prior to its being laid out as the county seat. Jefferson and Livingston ceased to exist several years after Circleville was designated the seat of government in 1811. When the Ohio Canal reached Circleville, the shape of the town within the circle proved to be a hindrance, and in 1838 a group of enterprising businessmen began to “square the circle”. Over the next 20 years the job was accomplished and all traces of the ancient earthworks disappeared.



The concept of “squaring the circle” spoken about in the above excerpt has also come up recently in this blog in connection to the Moon of the Moon, except there the process was reversed: Jack and Lily *circled* (or “sphered”) the square (or “cube”) that was the Moon of the Moon by creating a world ocean and introducing omni-directional gravity.

And in a more limited way I’ve done a similar thing with Ash(e)ville/Middletown through what I call the Middletown Circle, introduced on this blog back in Winter 2014/2015. This is also the point where I decided to rename Ash(e)ville as Middletown, invoking what appears to be an older matrix.

Middletown Circle


More Circles

Although what I’m calling the Middletown Circle is still the main one of its type, I’ve created others in the area recently, like the nested circles below surrounding Future Home and including First/Prime. For now I’ll just let the pictures tell the story, except to say that the curves of the Greenway provide the beginning point…


… as it does for these 3 just south…


… and also these 2 just south of the above, with the upper one surrounding and including dreamy Hemp Hill LINK. There are no exact relationships I can identify between any of these circles. All are different sizes, for instance, except in one case.


Then returning to the area of the Middletown Circle, I’ve created another circle fairly close to it which contains the natural area I’ve termed Goth Hill in this blog before, which may earn its own subcategory sometime. Right now I’m lumping all things Middletown just under a general heading.


Going back to the concentric circles of the first picture, we can include this now… Bill Mtn., if you recall, is a place of contact in Blue Mountain. Is Middletown’s Bill Mtn. placemarked above the same? Time will tell. Time will tell.



Notes 2016/04/25

Visited both Rediscovery and Bigfoot on Sunday. I don’t think the former is a good place to hang out this year. There’s actually a guy camping out at the spot I did about 35 years ago, and I *almost* ran into him. Also, the place I have to park my car there (if I don’t walk in from town, which is kind of a pain) is not good. Looks like I’m trespassing at the city lake, which is on the opposite side of the road from Rediscovery. I actually had the police park behind my car yesterday and give me a scare. If I was at the lake by chance, would I have been arrested?? This lake is what I call Hand Lake in this blog. Is it the end of my exploration in that area? Could be — signs.

Nearby Bigfoot, however, remains a positive. This is more *my* space and mine alone. I feel pretty safe there from intrusions, and I can hear people coming and adjust as needed. It looks like I’ll keep going back there. Stayed at Bigfoot for several hours on Sunday after testing out Rediscovery in the morning. Took my phone with me to both places. But Bigfoot is *the* place for the spring and perhaps even into the summer. From the west, no one is probably going to head down through that thicket of pine trees toward Bigfeet Swamp. From the east, the higher waters of Leola Creek act as a barrier, as I well know. Of course people could wade across, but what would be the point?

Future plans: Keep exploring the Plateau of Raw Art for more finds. Do it early in the morning, either Sat or Sun before the skateboarding crowd arrives (yes, they’re still using the area). If I could only find a place in Middletown like Bigfoot…

No pictures this weekend from either place. I’ll attempt to rectify that situation soon, hopefully next weekend. New cattails are finally popping up. Certainly interested to see their progression through warmer months ahead.

Poison Ivy is appearing in the high country woods. Snakes are around as well, of course. Off trail woods exploration is closing off after a weak hiking season. But looking forward to spending more time at Bigfoot and surroundings into the summer heat, and also not forget about Whitehead Crossing and Allen Knob as a whole. Toy happenings will most likely be at Bigfoot again, however.


Bigfoot Revisited 01

Looking from the 4th road down to the 3rd road in entering Bigfoot; landmark traffic barrels in sights.


I spotted some more junk at the Plateau of Raw Art that could possibly make it down to the swamp and add to a new happening. Will it be this late spring even? I’m curious to find out how the summer bug situation will pan out at Bigfoot…


Poison ivy is definitely out in the higher mountains now.


Plateau of Raw Art again: an interesting square opening in the stadium stairs.


More Plateau of Raw Art photos:





Back into Bigfoot: the south end of the 3rd road. No happening will most likely take place there. The *second* road remains a strong possibility in that category, though. Get to that soon…




Bigfoot Revisited 02

Bigfoot Swamp from the south side. Getting quite green here now.


Mystery message from the swamp?


The Outtake. Looks like something from a Max Ernst painting.


Clear bottles gathered together at the south end.



This is the place I called Vincente at times last fall during the original happening. Can it be further developed? At any rate it serves as kind of a gateway area now to the possible new happening spot, or its possible focus I should say.







Bigfoot Revisited 03

Up we go (to 2nd road)! I envision perhaps even putting some kind of primitive stair system in this bank connecting Vincente with… well, I don’t have a name yet for the clear spot on 2nd Road. Maybe we’ll just call it Secondary for now and think of a better name later on.


But sticking to the swamp for now, here’s a picture of the rocks below its intake pipe near the center of Bigfoot.


New cattails.


Remains of the old toy happening last October as still there, including the central spool table, metal chair, and what I termed the old smelting plant, Taum Sauk’s nice brick “house”, and the original (golf) iron of the community propped up against the foreground tree.


View from central Bigfoot toward the swamp. Doesn’t get old.


Bigfoot’s off season caretaker Empty Promises wonders what all the commotion is outside. “Oh it’s you baker b. Keep your shirt on!” I tell him he’s one to talk.


This is something I decided to do today: remove the shiny bridge (stadium bleacher from PoRA) spanning the Bigfoot swamp-stream issuing from Mina Sauk Pool below the intake pipe and haul it up to Secondary. That way plants trying to sprout underneath it can grow unimpeded and have solar access.


Secondary from the other side of First Barrier (just making these names up as I type this!).


Found LaCrosse ball on 2nd Road just down from Secondary.


Heading back down the hill from Secondary toward the swamp again, taking a snapshot into the “Barrier Wilds”. I actually think I had a name for this banded bramble of bushes before. Hafta check that…



Bigfoot Revisited 04

I don’t remember stacking this pile of broken branches here, which means other people have visited Bigfoot since last fall. But that’s okay, I suppose.



Intake pipe from across the swamp.


Stream flowing out of Bigfoot Swamp down to Leola Creek, which can be seen through the trees in the background. Remember how fascinated I was with Leola Creek last year? It runs through the entirety of the Blue Mountain Urban Landscape. I’ll start exploring that region again soon, I would think, as summer heat kicks in.



East of the swamp now, between it and Leola, we find this more interesting uprooted tree…


… and then right beside it a “Holey” Tree.


The Greater Bigfoot Area has a number of paths running different directions, including this one, here passing between two low mounds. I’ll attempt to make a map of the area soon.


A bridge across Leola Creek I found last fall that could allow easier access into Bigfoot. I’ll have to wait until the leaves are out a little more to use it, however… can still be spotted from neighboring apt. houses while crossing at this time.


Side stream near the bridge. The orange object behind the central rock looks suspiciously like a cheetah head in my eyes. A small bunny hopped out in front of me at about the same spot as I headed back to the swamp. Very cute.


Another path leading to the east baseball field of the Plateau of Raw Art, and one I used up until very recently to access the swamp from a kind of “back door”. However, poison ivy is now sprouting in some number along this path, closing it off for the season. I have to come in through the front door for a while.


A very orange stream running through the heart of Greater Bigfoot, as yet unnamed. Orange Stream is, I suppose, a logical choice. Orangey?




Bigfoot Late May 01

I believe these are little salamanders in Mina Sauk Pool (or Mina’s Pool) at Bigfoot. Nifty. Wonder what percentage will live to adulthood? Probably not that big a chunk.


A prominent, partly moss covered rock on a mudbar at the pool, surrounded by buttercups.


The seemingly unusual outtake of Bigfeet Swamp again, standing ever-picturesque.


As my readers probably have grasped now, there are many kinds of sports balls to be found in and around Bigfoot. Here’s a football.


Perhaps the biggest news ’round Bigfoot this spring is the foothold of another “community” in the area. Right now I’m calling it Chester. LINK The centerpiece so far is some kind of larger pot or container found at the Plateau of Raw Art recently, seen here in the distance. A new Bigfoot path, which I can walk in the summer, has been traced to its former location below the old high school track. Preliminary name: Picked Out Trail.




Chester is on 3rd road, if we count the 4th road as the one almost encircling the swamp. It represents one of the most tucked away portions of Bigfoot as a whole. I’m not sure Chester will be further developed this spring/summer, but the potential is there. Will I soon move in marbles? toys? more junk? We’ll see.

Below we look into “The Bramble” protecting Chester from northern incursions. And 3rd Road is rather clogged with fallen pine branches and trunks in the other direction, so more barriers. Difficult to see anyone happening upon this place by accident.


Back at Mina’s Pool or Mina Pool: More plants on a pebbly beach.


I almost stepped on this snake walking around the swamp. Garter snake — very common here in Blue Mountain and one I run across frequently. Not a large snake and quite unscary.



Bigfoot Late May 02

Looking across Bigfeet Swamp from a location on its banks I’ve been calling Vincent. I’ll have to make a new map of the area soon and scan it for this blog.


Fallen branches, like they were laid there as a message.


More interesting stuff: 4th Road seems to be freer of branches since my last visit, and can more safely be used as part of the path circling around the swamp. It’s like someone came through here and cleared it out a bit. Given that something I hid under a rock was subsequently extracted and put in the middle of the path I use to access Bigfoot, there may be more oddness going on here. Are “forces” telling me where to create paths (etc.)? Could be.


Besides balls, there are also lots of interesting rocks in Bigfoot, this one found on 4th Road on the Bigfeet Swamp banks opposite Bigfoot Proper.


Other side of the Bigfeet Swamp outtake, which I can’t comfortably access in the late fall/winter/early spring. Now that the leaves are fully out I am considerably more protected from prying eyes and can risk a photo.


In the past, someone has created these stepping stones up to the swamp. The path has probably been forgotten over time — only I may know about it now. But it’s interesting that the swamp might have been more visited before my arrival.



The outtake of the swamp quickly reaches Leola Creek, which also runs through the heart of my Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape and acts as its spine or backbone.


I’ve now identified a small area of Leola Creek just west of the swamp that can safely be accessed in warmer months. More on that soon, but I’ll leave you with some pictures of rocks in this “safe zone”.






Backyard species

If I had lots of time on my hand, may be cool to do a much scaled down project in Bigfoot similar to what this English university professor did in her own limited “field”.


“Return” to BMUL

Now it’s almost summer and everything is fully green, I’m beginning to walk the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape trails again. Some pictures of stuff I don’t remember before. I’ll attempt to make a map of both the BMUL and also Bigfoot very soon.



A new, progressive grocery store is coming to BMUL. Eventually this will probably extend the territory I can walk in it.


Near the center of the BMUL, at a place I believe I called ALO last year, or nearby.


Purple-ish flowers.


Red maple on small knoll — another possible center. Is this *Grassy’s* Knoll (or Noll)?


Landmark willow tree also at ALO.


This spring, new sidewalks have been added to the Urban Landscape. Good upgrade — it was tough walking along this particular, narrow road before because of all the traffic coming back and forth from the nearby Huge Mart and attached strip mall.


Yellow irises along a tributary of Leola Creek.


Canine Lake (named again for the tooth, not the animal), is grassier than I remember.


More BMUL pictures coming soon!


Bigfoot Early June 01

A possible significant find in Bigfoot along the road almost encircling the Bigfeet Swamp: the head of a wooden golf club. Remembering that the original object found in Bigfoot Center — and which the very successful toy happening from last fall was built around — was a golfing iron. Is Bigfoot telling me now that it is being upgraded from an iron (middle game) to a wood (long game)?? I’ve passed this spot many times and not seen the wood head until this day. I definitely think the find has meaning. Bigfoot *is* being upgraded.

The wood head was also found at almost the exact opposite side of Bigfeet Swamp from Bigfoot proper and its own golf club. The two clubs oppose each other in some fashion. And I also think the UMAPS version of Georgia (state) is being inferred, with its own iron and wood golfing references. Bigfoot is also clearly marked in UMAPS in Texas, via the only US Bigfoot. And my Bigfoot also has close ties to Iron County, Missouri.


The wood head lies near the top of this somewhat mysterious set of apparently now forgotten and unused “stairs” leading up to Bigfeet Swamp from Leola Creek.


Orange-y (Chester”? Cheetah?) Brook or Stream to the north of Bigfeet Swamp, once more. As I’ve found out recently, you can see the head of this stream from Bigfoot Center.


Another strange spring outlet leading down from the Plateau of Raw Art, just like the Bigfoot stream but further north and not emptying into a pool/swamp this time. Although Orange-y Stream is nearby, it also doesn’t empty directly into it. Actually, there’s been little flow of water within this culvert when I’ve visited. It’s difficult to see (and take photos of) during summer months because of all the surrounding brush.


Looking up through an avenue of green from the culvert toward the Plateau of Raw Art.


There are a good number of these kind of rocks around the culvert.


Another Bigfoot rock. There are many.


3 photos taken at the Plateau of Raw Art as I made my way back to my car this day.





Bigfoot Early June 02

Another landmark oddity in Bigfoot, just below the Plateau of Raw Art. I should get a name for it. The object lies on the new Picked-Out Trail I found a couple of weeks back running just below the plateau on its eastern slope, just hidden within the forest. A number of additional junk items has already been procured utilizing this path and taken to Bigfoot Proper.


Bigfoot Center. This day I cleaned off the top of the spool table so that it can dry out better after rainy periods, and also perhaps serve as a writing table in the future. Like I said, Bigfoot seems to be growing up into something beyond the happening last fall. Tigers may also be involved.


Two clover flowers discovered at Mina’s Pool below the Bigfeet Swamp intake.


Bigfeet Swamp across the top of its cattails. A small, central willow of the marsh pokes above them in the background.


That now cleared spool table again.


Bigfoot’s “port” at Leola Creek to the east. This is the spot on the creek most hidden from prying eyes of apartment dwellers to the south and north. Grassy (Island) is dead center, lying directly west from the middle of a similarly, grass populated shoreline.


Interesting uprooted tree across the creek.


*Ooh*. One of those light slashes! LINK Aliens?


A barrel and a yellow chair also found across the creek from “Port Leola”. Preliminary judgement has the uprooted tree pictured above marking the northern boundary of the port, and the barrel here defining a complementary, southern limit.


Heart’ o’ Grassy.


Other rocks in this hidden zone.





Baker Bloch…

… is set to reclaim his old home next to the Rubi Woods. But does he want to?



In other news, Carrcassonnee has proposed to the rest of my virtual family that Real Life Bigfoot and Second Lyfe Collagesity sort of join forces in moving forward. I, of course, find myself asking how this would work, but in a larger picture, ignoring the details for now, it makes perfect sense. Both Bigfoot and Collagesity, at least in its Second Lyfe incarnation, have limited lives, maybe 5-6 years each. Maybe 7-8. Both, as entities unto themselves, are wondering about a next step to solidify their already established value. Bigfoot has seemingly replaced Whitehead Crossing as a woodsy focus for me. I find myself returning to Bigfoot again and again lately, while The Crossing seems to drain me if I visit it in turn. I think I’m drawing energy from the former’s close proximity to civilization and The Blue Mountain Urban Landscape. While still pretty close to me distance-wise, Whitehead X-ing is quite removed from same, and depends more on *alien* energy which has probably retreated. And, after all, Bigfoot and Whitehead Crossing are also intimately tied, it seems, in a kind of alpha-omega relationship concerning this. The former moves close…


… while the latter steps backwards into shadow.

How does it work? Maybe we better just ask Carrcassonnee…


“Hi Jim. Nice night tonight.”

“You may pass.”

“Um, thanks.”


Baker walks up Cannon Street into the meat of Collagesity. He pauses to poke around the newest town structure a bit: the old Norris Temple, which doubles as the town rocket launcher.


In all likelihood, this is at least the *space* in the town where the projected, new collages (Bogota series) will be exhibited. Perhaps not this particular building, but on this spot. And it is here that Collagesity and Bigfoot must unite as well, with cursory explorations in this direction already begun with the appearance of Chester in Old New Town, currently derezzed.

Baker wonders how this could be accomplished. The idea of making a “life size” replica of Bigfoot Swamp and surrounding roads crossed his mind, but he dismissed it as being too literal an interpretation, kind of like the error colleges do when they attempt to exactly recreate their real life campus and buildings on their Second life land. Second Life is not really about replicating what we have in real life, although that has its slot. It is instead mainly about the creation of the *new*, or should be. Collagesity looks little like a town in real life. It’s really a collection of gallery buildings in the main, but each building has a story.

Ah, Baker has finally gotten around to Carrcassonnee’s gazebo, speaking of buildings.


Ah, Baker. Have a seat. You’re here to discuss the merger. Chester will be joining us. Do you want one of his cheese snacks. They’re quite tasty. Thank you Chester.


“What’s with the dog,” Chester responds in a cool, bass voice. “What’s with the numbers?”


That’s Spider, my brother from another mother. The numbers reflect a mystery. The mystery of 2130. Come to think of it, Baker, we never resolved that mystery.




Ummm. Can’t remember. I went into the 2130 corridor with Starbuccanneer Barista, I believe. We saw a picture.


Do you remember the picture? It could be important.


Yes. It was about MessiaenSphere.


This Friday, you will visit your own mama. What will happen?


Probably just read this here blog again.


Will you?





What of your old home? Will you reclaim it?


As you know, Baker Blinker plans a bit of a retreat herself, along with Karoz. In fact, let’s say they’re on a retreat. Maybe somewhere near the Kerchal forest. Possibly Nautilus City.


I know the answer but I’m not telling[ presently].


So, yes, I might reclaim the home, if Baker Blinker wishes to turn it over.



And then there’s Dr. Mulholland to deal with now. Another move more toward Real Life from Second Lyfe.


Well that’s true. She seems to accomplish stuff that Baker Blinker couldn’t.


They’re Hidi and Lodi, but you are more a Hidi person. Lodi must retreat back into shadow. That’s another joining. But there’s still the purse involved. Blinks gave the doctor back her purse, which was hers all along.


I suppose that could be true.


The passing of the purse. Waking up. Dr. Mulholland opens her eyes to Mulholland Dr. Open the box.



Korean Channel













I went down to Whitehead Crossing this past Monday but the bugs kept me from taking any photos. They didn’t yank the camera out of my hands but they were still buzzing around my face, threatening to get into my eyes if I didn’t stop waving my hands in front of ’em. As Chester says, it’s kind of hell up here in the summer. No bugs in Second Life. No afternoon thunderstorms to wet things up until the next one rolls around the following day. But I still think Bigfoot may be accessible during the summer — *has* been accessible (so far). That’s a big advantage. And I revisited Con Creek as well on Sunday and enjoyed a rather pleasant tromp to Green Stream and the Korean Channel, just like old days. Visited Damsel Island…



Bigfoot Mid-June

Some sunset scenes from the Plateau of Raw Art…




… before moving down into Bigfoot beyond its western edge. These photos actually come from the day before. I’ve been visiting Bigfoot almost every weekend since April, and some weekdays even. It has replaced Whitehead Crossing and Herman and Frank Parks as a whole for a woodland focus. I envision another happening taking place here soon, perhaps late summer or in the fall. But for now I’m just happy visiting and poking around the area. There’s always something new to take in, it seems.

Looking up at the lip of The Plateau from 4th or Blue Road.

These two construction barrels may now be directly relatable to tigers; that may even be their name within Bigfoot at least. There’s another one in Bigfeet Swamp, making three total for the area. As far as I know. These adjoined barrels, again, lie on the side of 3rd or Green Road.


And here’s something new I just missed before, hanging in a tree right above them: a blue and white towel. Like I said, Bigfoot comes up with at least a minor surprise ’bout every time I visit. I relate this towel to the 2 proximate barrels, but I’m not sure exactly how yet. There’s one towel and 2 barrels — 1 and 2, the original numbers, also represented as masculine and feminine archetypes. Also: father (1) and mother (2). I’ll give more details later if I decide to keep going down this line of analysis.



Bigfoot rock on 3rd/Green Rd.

The source of that orangey creek. Will it be named simply Orangie? Or perhaps Cheetah or Tiger (orange cat creatures)?


Tire just above the source of that orange seep. It’s also quite near Bigfoot Proper, which is just south and whose table and chair can be viewed through the intervening weeds if you know where to look.


Another new thing or newly observed: a smaller rock conspicuously perched on top of a larger rock, and right off the main path between Bigfoot Proper and Vincente/Chester. I don’t know how I missed it before. Is this additional evidence of meta-terrestrial activity in the region? Could very well be. The rocks lie beside In-The-Way Fern, and on the opposite side of same, right on the path this time, was the white flower of a bent over and perhaps dying daisy plant, I believe. It appeared like a marker or indicator.


There are apparently many mysteries of Bigfoot yet to be fathomed.

1st/Red/Swamp Road beyond Vincente.


Bigfoot, Collagesity, Whitehead X-ing, BoB, etc.


I continue to visit Bigfoot at least once a week during the hotter months, sometimes 2x or even 3x. I should go more. No art happening, per se, um, happened this spring/summer there, but the possibilities in the future for that remain strong, centered around either Bigfoot Proper (where my chair and spool table are and where the happening last fall occurred), or the newer region I’ve named, for now, Chester (also known as Second Place or Secondary — probably Second Place). Chesterton? (compliment to Porter on Leola Creek?) I’ve taken lots of pictures, and am very pleased that I can continue going there in the hot weather. The last time I visited — Saturday I believe — saw not one but three snakes, all at the Plateau of Raw Art, however, and not down in Bigfoot. Two were seen in the old high school drainage system. I also ran across a blacksnake on the main path into Bigfoot a couple weeks back, running just south and above the Plateau. And then a smaller snake (garter) was spotted around Bigfeet Swamp itself in April, my first one of the year.

What of Second Life and Collagesity and BoB, the new place I’ve outlined on the Nautilus continent near the “older” village of Mystenopolis? Well, no really tangible development there either, nor on the collage front. Dr. Mulholland is back and training for her next “assignment”, mainly at a BoB spa called [Finland Small]. What is the assignment? Well, I think it is to protect me, baker b., and through me, Baker Bloch, from harm. A new threat has arisen in that direction, replacing the entity known as “Me” or “My” from this spring. A lesser threat, admittedly, one call [Lime Lite]. It is Dr. Mulholland’s job to rise to the challenge and deter the new enemy. I don’t think it will be too difficult. She just needs to tap into more Lemony Goodness, like was summoned via her magic (if cursed) purse before. Dr. Mulholland (and the dealie with the acquired purse) has allowed Baker Blinker to assume her correct role as (background) Queen of Collagesity, and escort of Karoz Blogger. Their permanently joined existence has branched off from the main one we still follow in Collagesity, now attached fairly firmly to BoB and all that entails.

Speculations: Lime Lite (LL) stands, at least partially, for Linden Labs (also LL), which took over the Second Life grid formerly occupied by People of Lemon, who could taste, touch, smell, but had less options for teleportation, flying, and other “superhero” powers avatars take for granted now in that virtual reality. It was more rooted in *our* world (First World), to put it another way. A hidden portal exists between Chester and BoB, allowing entities to move between the two. The portal measures about 3×5 inches for now, but is sure to change in dimension and power in the future.



Collagesity follows BoB, yes, into the future. Dr. Mulholland trains. Dr. Mulholland protects. Lime Lite must be destroyed. Lemony Goodness prevails. It all goes down in the next 8 months. Afterwards: freedom. Use the tension to your advantage. Grow into new responsibilities as a *synchronicity artist*. You know your role. Be kind to those who don’t and aren’t able to understand what you stand for. What you *are*.


What I art?





Bigfoot Late June

Sometime in mid to late June, I found out I could safely cross Leola Creek on dry rocks at a place tentatively called “Port Leola” (Porter?), which is within the safe zone mentioned or defined in an earlier post. LINK


Below is pictured a new spot on the same creek, about a 100 feet or so upstream from the safe zone/Port Leola. Unnamed as yet, it’s an amazing cluster of higher rocks with its own internal topography, including peaks, pools, islands, waterfalls, and gorges.








The meat of the rock cluster, with a small falls toward the bottom.


Graffiti at a nearby bridge over Leola Creek. This is Leola Creek Road.


Underneath the bridge.


It was only a short walk up Leola Creek Road to Hand Lake. The Finger is still present on the large island of the lake.


Looks like someone has moved in some larger rocks for unknown reasons.


Small blue flower on the island, possibly a variety of bluet.


I end this post with a couple of pictures snapped at the Plateau of Raw Art, once more.