Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter 01

Book Muncher?


A man only wishing to be known as The Librarian came to visit the Blue Feather yesterday. Baker and Wilson have decided, for now, they’re not going to worry about who’s sitting at The Table at any one time. So we’ll say it’s Baker here. The Librarian bought quite a number of books with him in his traveling van…


… with only 1 in Baker’s discard pile when I took the top picture of the sale (“Salvador Dali: Go to Mars!”). Curled Paper was especially pleased to find a signed copy of “Floydodo”.


Dr. Blood, who was giant at least for the day, brought in a huge stump to sit on — too big for The Table, you see. Permanent size change? To be determined. “Remember Oz,” is about all the suggestions he chipped in, to which Baker replied that the town library was already well stocked with Oz books, including the complete run of Baum and Thompson. “More,” he added in his bass voice, then became silent for quite some time after Baker didn’t reply.


A framed picture Dr. Blood also brought to the meeting.

When it came down to how much money The Librarian wanted for the good number of books Baker Bloch wished to purchase, he said he didn’t want any. Taken aback, Baker asked him what he meant. “What I *want* in return,” he said, pausing dramatically before completing his sentence, “is to sit here. With you guys.”


The eighth? Is this Martian Chesterton again in disguise?





Bogota moves up a floor.


Floor 2’s Collage 06, a 2-part animation (upper left), is from the past again, like Collage 01 directly below it on Floor 1 of Castle Jack. Collage 07 beside Collage 06, another 2-fer-1 animation, is brand new. In common with Collage 02 beneath it, in turn, Collage 07 is set in the Blue Feather. A blue feather appears on each. Collage 06 and Collage 07 both depict multiple versions of Dr. Blood/Tin S. Man. More analysis soon enough.

Collage 07:



Bogota *11* start?


3 Floors (for both Blue Feather (within) and Castle Jack (without))?




“See Hucka Doobie? There’s definitely a door there that wasn’t before. And watch when Tin S. Man stands up — go ahead and stand up please Mr., um, Man.”


“He stands directly in front of the door,” Baker Bloch continues. “And the Kubrick lampshade is exactly the size of his cylindrical thigh.”

“Where does the door lead to?” Hucka Doobie asks.

“I’ll show you. Go ahead and sit down again Tin S. Man.” The giant does as requested. “Then I just open the door, see, and walk through.”

But Hucka Doobie notices Baker Bloch disappears slightly before he walks through the open doorway. And if Baker could have bothered to turn around at that point, he would have noticed Hucka Doobie disappearing from view as well.


“Go ahead and walk through, Hucka Doobie,” Baker calls from the other side.


“I’m here,” the bee-person says. “I made it.”

“It’s precisely aligned with this outdoor table,” Baker Bloch then says.

“Are the door and the table the same size?” Hucka Doobie asks.

“Not quite. Now let’s go upstairs and look at the other things. Oh, and there’s also Tin S. Man’s axe poking through over there. And a bit of his sitting stump. Keep that in mind.”

“Where?” Hucka Doobie asks.

“Behind the door from you. Here, let me shut it.”


“Oh, right,” Hucka Doobie says, now seeing the objects. “Looks like [the axe handle] might be made from the same wood as the table.”

“Maybe. And you’ll notice the door has completely disappeared from this side when I shut it. We’ll have to walk around and back in.”


“Go ahead and stand up again Tin S. Man,” Baker Bloch calls through the floor now as he reaches the corner of the room above him in the Blue Feather. In order to get to it, however, Baker had to drop down into the first floor from the second and take the teleporter up. Wheeler insists that these Lemony ways of traveling through the building remain in place. “Traditional — like Castle Jack,” she says, always with an unwavering voice. But no one seems to mind that much. You just have to go from first to third to get to second and The Table, unless you come in from Perch, which is tricky in itself. Most of the town believe and take faith in the Lemon past of Collagesity, before the coming of the Lindens. It’s one of the things that sets it apart from most artsy villages of its kind. The proximity to the Rubi Woods and its ancient growth helps in this respect.

Hucka Doobie caught up with Baker Bloch, but, once again, couldn’t see him in this corner, even though she heard him. But both saw the projecting funnel hat.


And the impossible second Tinman stump.


No stopping now.

No stopping now.

Baker walks out of that mysteriously appearing door in the Blue Feather again from the Table Room and notices another opening he hasn’t paid much attention to, down through the years now: the double iron gates into the property of his never seen neighbor Clarity Dagostino. The two neglected openings become linked in his brain. No stopping now, I suppose.


Just after that, he goes back into the Blue Feather to find what he originally thought was *another* “intruding” avatar like the one encountered the day before — get to that in a moment — but what turned out to be a mere 2-d flattie placed there by unknown hands.


The flattie holds a guitar with the name Mykall Skall scrawled on it. I quickly discovered this was the fellow who founded the Virtual Hotel Chelsea (or Virtual Chelsea Hotel), located in a sprawling Heterocera continent municipality I simply call VHC Town in this blog after its dominating, centerpiece structure. This could be significant for several reasons. But what next caught my eye was the t-shirt the flattie was wearing: it’s obviously suppose to double as the one John Lennon famously posed in during a promotional shoot for his “Walls and Bridges” album. And then the flattie’s army jacket is also a Lennon inspired garb.




Back to the intruder from the day before. Baker Bloch had decided to open up the formerly banned property of the Blue Feather so that visitors could take a look around the recently upgrade Table Room and its mysterious door (etc.) if they wished. Very soon after that, Baker found a male avatar appearing by his side as he positioned a representation of the 4 Beatles walking Abbey Road on the wall of the room, just at the top of its stairs. Seeing only a naked (male) human torso for the avatar’s profile picture, Baker decides to quickly delete the Beatles cutout and temporarily log out of Second Lyfe. 10 minutes later he returned, with no avatar in sight. He quickly reinstated the ban on the property. He didn’t return the Beatles to the wall — until the second intruder showed up the next day. Because, of course, both involved *Lennon* now. And Lennon was and is a major player at The Table itself, projected to sit there under the guise of Salad Bar Jack LINK.


I must be forthcoming here to fully explain the oddness of the juxtaposition. Through Baker Bloch, I actually *did* rezz the Mykall Skall flattie in that corner of the Blue Feather but it was a spontaneous action on my part. I didn’t know the flattie would be projecting a strong image of Lennon. And I didn’t make the avatar from the day before show up just as I was positioning Lennon and the rest of the Beatles on the wall just up the stairs from him. I was merely rezzing stuff spontaneously here and there, going through my inventory. It was, as one could say, an *accidental* juxtaposition. But we know in the Blue Feather that such accidents are too frequent to be called chance. This is synchronicity again.


I’m going to perhaps shock the reader by stating that I believe Lennon himself (or an official representative thereof) wanted to make his presence known in the Blue Feather. He knows I’m working on The Table and he is to sit there. He is, broadly speaking, the gateway figure into (“Billfork”) and out of (“Uncle Meatwad”) my peak grouping of audiovisual synchronicities created during the Pierre Schaeffer era of 2004 through 2007. He knows this is important to protect and eventually disseminate. The organization goes beyond the Oz/Floyd Paradox.

I imagine Wheeler will be super pleased to find out about this turn of events when I next catch up with her.

New Rubi Memorial

The two pictures below are of the newly placed “We Have Arrived Let’s Get Out of Here” Memorial to Collagesity founder and then deserter Ryan “Skippy” Rye, the front of which depicts his landing in the Rubi area during the year B.L. 2130 (with the B.L. standing for Before Linden in case you didn’t know). This was during the golden years of Lemon, when the high seas were dominated by lumberjacks and astronauts and the air was constantly filled with confetti and popped maize.

Skippy ordered Castle Ryan to be built by his slave equivalents, deemed it amateur and stupid, and departed from what would become the Minoa sim after only 6 days, steering his land-ship back into the Rubi Woods and departing through its central portal for destinations unknown to this day.



Castle Ryan was rebuilt and rechristened Castle Jack in 23 A.L. by dictator and stand-up comedian Jack “Jiff” Danielsonlanderscroft (stock photo missing).

Collagesity resident and Skippy Rye descendant Karla Danielsonlanderscroft with son Alf at the new memorial.

New Carr.

Since Baker Blinker owned Collagesity North, she felt it was her responsibility to first attempt to make contact with the younger Carrcassonnee on the newly rezzed Temple of TILE’s top floor. Carrcassonnee was certainly aware of her presence last week, but could not or chose not to speak that day.


Yesterday she tried again. After a long pause, Carrcassonnee managed a “sit down” using a somewhat higher than normal but still quite bass voice. With chills, Baker Blinker looked around for a seat. She saw several. She chose one closer to Carrcassonnee.


“How’s this?” she asked the staring olive entity. Carrcassonnee is alive! she thought.

Another long pause. “That’s fine,” she managed again.

“Okay, Carrcassonnee, I’m going to go ahead and ask some questions of you.” Carrcassonnee didn’t respond, but Baker assumed she was a go for this.

“I’m gathering that you are a younger version of Carrcassonnee, coming from, perhaps 2012 or 2013, maybe from VWX Town over in Rubi next door.”

No answer. Baker Blinker continued.

“I assume you are different. You don’t seem to speak as much. Maybe–” Baker Blinker thought of stating that this Carrcassonnee was perhaps less cartoony than her more recent iteration, but decided against it. “Let’s just leave it that you are different. And move on to other questions.”

Baker Blinker waited a long time now. “Okay,” is what Carrcassoneee said after about a 3 minute pause.

“Are you having trouble processing what I’m saying to you?”

Baker waited again. “No,” eventually came the answer.


“It took *three* hours to get even what story I received,” states an exhausted Baker Blinker to Baker Bloch the following morning at Perch.”


“Another beer Blinks?” Baker Bloch then asks, seeing Baker Blinker’s glass emptied after the latest swig.

“Better not. And that old beer we left about, what, a *month* back has turned brown over there. It needs to be thrown away. All of these objects need to be removed or reorganized. The Table is not what we spoke of back then. Things have changed.”

“Lennon, er Lemon,” recites Baker Bloch.

“Synchronicity continues,” adds Baker Blinker. “No stopping now.”

Baker Bloch smiles.


2016 Year in Review 01

Another excellent year of creative work, I feel. On the personal front, the wife and I are both healthy and well and that’s the most important thing. Work work keeps chugging along for both of us. Our house is cozy and warm, but needs some remodeling/repair work, which hopefully will come sometime this year, perhaps in the late spring or early summer. But that’s relatively minor compared to the positive health report. My quite ancient mother is very limited in what she can do but still lives at home, with aid from a home health care company. I have to go down to help her about every 2nd to 3rd weekend (less in the winter, when the snow and ice limits my travel). My wife similarly has to help take care of her aging father. Our 2 adorable sibling cats are gracefully entering their middle age together, still as buddy-buddy as ever.

So that’s the personal stuff out of the way. To creativity…

Fictional Writing

This was the big change from years past. Starting in Dec of last year, I have created not one but two larger works of fiction, published only to the Sunklands site here, but both still legitimate books of sorts, I feel. I call these, simply, “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” and “Collagesity 2016 Later”. In the last several weeks I’ve been able to create web pages showing these blog originating texts in the correct and much more readable past-to-present orientation instead of the
the present-to-past direction of blog posts. Here they are:

“Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter”

“Collagesity 2016 Later”

As you can see, “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” is divided into 16 chapters, many titled for a specific character in the work. The plot evolution is peculiar — I guess peculiar is normal for me, however (smiley emoticon). It involves not a standard beginning-middle-end, carrying all characters forward from an introduction to a resolution. Basically speaking the last two chapters, “Moon of Moon 01” and “Moon of Moon 02”, make up almost an entirely separate section from the rest of the book. I would classify the plot-line through the book linear but not particularly developmental. And characters can change into other characters, like the Ancient called The Master appears to change into Lockfry/ Devil Dave who in turn changes into Bogota/ David Bowie (“Ancients”, “Lockfry”, and “Bogota” are successive chapter titles in the work, you’ll notice). I suppose a good rubric for it would be post-modern literature.

Going a little further in the analysis, “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” can also be divided into 2 halves of 8 chapters apiece which can be further halved into 2 more parts of 4 chapters each. The 1st 4 chapters kind of act as a long and sometimes admittedly convoluted introduction, where, for example, we have brief forays into the Real Life woodland area I call Whitehead Crossing, featured strongly in other parts of the blogs. Sidenote type analyses of my collages and and other surreal things/events are common in this part as well. But when we reach Chapter 5, “Ancients”, everything starts kicking into high gear. We begin to have that shape shifting ability of particular characters mentioned before, which drives the narrative forward in an unusual way.

Then in the exact middle of the book, at the end of Chapter 8 (“Woods”), we have a bond forming between long time Collagesity and Second Lyfe characters Karoz Blogger and Baker Blinker. Although they’ve “known” each other for years and years now, as chronicled in the both the Baker Blinker and Sunklands blogs, it is only in “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” that they fall for each other emotionally. Then in the follow-up “Collagesity 2015 Later” book we find them getting married. In a way, both books are built around their relationship and fusion as seeming soulmates. But the bond is not without its troubles, especially illuminated through the character of (Wilson-)Wheeler, who only appears in the “Collagesity 2016 Later” work.

But I don’t want to become mired in heavy duty analysis here. This is a review of the entire year of creativity, not just fiction. So I’ll briefly touch upon the structure of the follow-up work and let it be for now. “Collagesity 2016 Later” is put together a little differently from the earlier “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter”. First off, there’s a kind of bridge or prelude, as I put it, that links one to the other chronologically. These are found on the “Collagesity 2016 Later” front page and feature Sunklands posts from the 5 months starting in March and ending in July. Then in August “Collagesity 2016 Later” starts properly, and continues on in constant form (through 4 “parts”, each representing a month’s time) until at least the end of November and perhaps beyond a bit. And like its predecessor “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter,” this later book terminates in an extraterrestrial environment, Mars this time instead of the Moon location for the earlier one.

So that’s a kind of introduction to these two “books”. I’ve written quite a bit of fiction in the past, but I believe these linked works represent my best effort to date. They depend heavily on the many Second Lyfe snapshots accompanying the text. I feel like this fills in my weakness for narrative description.


For the first time since 2011, I didn’t complete a collage series in a calendar year. Yet Boos came toward the end of 2015, and I *have* appeared to start another series (Bogata — displayed in Castle Jack), albeit of slower development than the rest and a bit different in other ways as well. We’ll see how it goes.

Audiovisual Synchronicities (Synchs or Syncs)

It’s been a long *long* time since I haven’t created a synch for a particular year, going back to 1999 I suppose. It finally came about in 2016, but, again, I’m not too worried. Only 1 synch had been produced in the 2 years before 2016 (“Carrcass-11” in 2014 and “Carrcass-12” in 2015), so the slow down has been going on for a while after a type of landmark year in 2013 which produced 3 full synchs. I’m trying to generate energy for new audiovisual synchronicities through, for example, the Wheeler-as-Bowie character of “Collagesity 2016 Later”, and listening to a lot of David Bowie’s music after his untimely death in Jan of 2016. If you haven’t heard it, his final album “Blackstar” is an amazing work. Combined with the excellent “The Next Day” coming before it, Bowie went out on a high note for certain.

Audiovisual synching, like collaging, will continue into the future. It’s just that 2016 was focused on Second Lyfe and the 2 books outlined above. Along with…

(to be continued)

3 Friends

Home o’ Fibs returns (yet again) to Collagesity.

I now lease another small plot from the Markland rental group run by K9Mark, my landlord for about the past year and a half who I met for the first time inworld yesterday. This is the 624 parcel formerly owned by creative friend Art Oluja (for probably the past half year), which now becomes the westernmost part of Collagesity. And will most likely remain that way, as I’m probably through with recent expansions of the town. Now all I have to do is sell Baker Blinker’s 3856 on the other side of Robin Lane and its limits might be set.

I’ll miss Art as a neighbor, who I also met for the first time yesterday during the successful 3-way transaction. Below are a couple photos of some trapped bird creature living in her house on the plot before the sale to K9Mark. Then the last photo depicts a resonant collage I chose to exhibit for mutual friend Pearl Grey’s Jan./Feb. showing at her Wanderlust Bench Art Park titled “Bullrocks”, the 8th in my 2014 Falmouth series. I’ll have to remember to ask Art about the story of her own creature-trapped-in-a-giant-mason-jar sometime. And she also told me in a recent im that she’s won another LEA grant for the coming year. Congrats Art! I can’t wait to see the cool stuff you come up with for certain.

And while I’m on the subject of creative Second Lyfe friends, long time Collagesity supporter Veyot (also friends with Art and Pearl) has started a very interesting fictional series set in a floating motel over at the Corsica continent. Check out the introductory post on her tumblr site “Veyot’s View” here.

Bird creature.

Inside the jar.

More Art Oluja creations on her former Minoa 624.

“Bullrocks” at Pearl Grey’s Wanderlust Bench Art Park.

Giant for a Day.


“And now you have complete balance,” The Librarian said to me minutes later. “Collagesity is finished in its limits. But at what price Baker Bloch? 3 Friends?


“I was aware of the subject matter,” I admitted. “And your mask. I knew I would return here…”

“… to find out more about me,” he finished. “Well. Let’s start.”




“I have a minute, Baker Bloch, to speak with you. The Librarian told me about your curiosity. Do you even know who *I* am Baker?”

“First off, I wish you wouldn’t show up as my mother.”

“Not the point,” Wheeler returned.

“Alright,” Baker then said with an exhale. “You are David Bowie, also known to this blog as Bogota. Or at least that’s what he — you I suppose — wanted to be called at the time. How’s that for a start?”

“A good start,” she says. “A perfect start. I am David Bowie. I am the leader on all collages to come. And by collages there I mean audiovisual collages. Not these [silly] 2d-ers [polluting] your town.”

“Now that’s not very nice, er, Wheeler,” said Baker Bloch back. “I thought you liked my collages.”

“I like the ideas behind the collages. The collages themselves are not what I call art. You use protected images[ to begin].”

“Well, that’s what I’ve chosen to do. You chose to show up here as my mother, I chose to use illegal images in my art and deem them educational and non-commercial. The ideas *are* the important thing, not the surface quality or even quantity.”

“So we agree,” she says. “Your art is trash.”

“I guess it’s trash in the sense that it is bits and pieces of discarded stuff by others lumped together to make something new and hopefully interesting, idea-wise.”

“Cool enough,” she then said, putting finger to lip. “Curled Paper, you’ve been your usual silent self. What’s your opinion of this town, the art in the town? Do you think it’s trash as well? Or do you think it is worth saving in and of itself? Or do you have an opinion at all? If you’re going to sit at The Table…” But Wheeler then bit her sarcastic tongue just in time to save some grace. Curled Paper still didn’t speak. Perhaps he was already insulted?

The Librarian chipped in some thoughts. “We need to speak of the album “3 Friends”. And the attached synchronicities. They are called synchronicities instead of collages, no?”

“Yes,” Baker Bloch answered.

“Please do,” added Wheeler with some sarcasm.

“Can I say their names on this blog? I know Hucka Doobie listed them out the other day. I was here.”

“Were you?” Baker Bloch truly couldn’t remember.

“Yes,” answers The Librarian. “So… can I?” He turns to Wheeler now and repeats the question. “Can I?”

Wheeler opens her eyes wide and looks toward Baker. “It’s up to us now.”

Another Blue Feather Octopus.

Listening (But Not Watching)



1/2 hour later…

“I admit I fell a bit asleep about 1/2way in, Baker Bloch. But it was good. It was interesting. Pieces about nothing. Not sports obviously. A clever man. Insane probably as well. Velvet suits, pheh. It’s a shame we can’t watch “3 Friends of Belleville” in Our Second Lyfe here, Baker Bloch. Darn shame. Lucky users.”

What they couldn’t watch there:

Table Meeting 01

The next day gave us the first official or at least semi-official meeting of The Table. Present were Wheeler, Baker Bloch, Tin S. Man or Dr. Blood, The Librarian, Curled Paper, Hucka Doobie, and then Old Mabel subbing in for a sick Salad Bar Jack. More was wrong with the famous Mmmmmm than he let on, however. Baker Bloch also seemed to stand in for Karoz Blogger, although no mention was made of that during the gathering.


Wheeler called the meeting to order at 7pm sharp. Following clockwise introductions ’round The Table, eyes turned to Baker Bloch, who attempted to give a brief and to-the-point review of their joint user baker b.’s audiovisual synchronicity “3 Friends of Belleville.”

“It’s much like ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’,” he started, to which Wheeler quickly injected that they would look at that most famous of audiovisual synchs directly afterwards. “On the audio side, it’s simply the first 3 songs or tracks of Gentle Giant’s 1972 concept album ‘3 Friends’, unaltered in respect to playing time and order but with small breaks between filled in by other music. This would be several of the Erik Satie pieces most of us listened to last night (‘Sports and Divertissements’).”

“Is this 1972 BL or AL?” asked Old Mabel, who had studied all night in preparation for the gathering and was eager to make a strong showing.

“Neither,” answered Baker Bloch. “Remember we’re dealing with the Real World and its Real Time now. So this is 1972 A*D*, which stands for ‘After Death’, that is, after the death of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.”

“Never heard of him,” said Wheeler, trying to move the meeting on. “Old Mabel — and the rest — please refrain from asking questions until Baker finishes his report. Continue Baker… so I know these 3 tracks or songs from this Friendly Giant group are overlaid atop the movie ‘3 Friends.'”

“No,” corrected Baker. “The *Gentle* Giant *album* is named ‘3 Friends.’ The overlapped movie is ‘The Triplets of Belleville,’ an animation released several decades afterwards. A decade being 10 solar years,” he immediately tacked on, seeing more confused faces. Old Mabel wanted to ask about the relationship between these 3 friends on the audio side and the triplets on the visual side but held her tongue.

“The Satie pieces from (‘Sports and Divertissments’) also come in a particular order in the synch, but not 1-2-3, like the Gentle Giant tracks. Instead the pattern is 8-14-2, which, if you’ll notice, forms a *triangle* — another 3 or triplet — of numbers 6 apart.”

“These are the shocks,” injected Wheeler again, breaking her own stated request.

“Yes, I suppose so,” answers Baker.

“Which we’ll also talk about in ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’. So I think that’s a good segue from one to the other. Anything else Baker Bloch?”

“I suppose not.” He straightened the numerous sheets of his report on The Table and placed them back in his black attache case.


“666, eh,” then states Wheeler reflectively as she searches for the appropriate Youtube video on the meeting screen. “Again.”


Exactly 4 minutes after the start of “Dark Side of the Rainbow”, a sepia toned Dorothy in the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz” fell off a pigpen fence while talking to farmhand Zeke about courage, timed exactly with the end of the first track off Pink Floyd’s seminal “Dark Side of the Moon” album (“Speak to Me/ Breathe”).


“This is not just *a* fall but *The Fall*,” Baker Bloch explained afterwards, pausing the video here. “This is where true synchronicity kicks in. We are now witnessing something different; not from around here but from elsewhere.”

“Satan?” offers Wheeler.

“Biblically speaking,” answers Baker Bloch. “But this is resolved, it appears, in a later synch called ‘Quadrospirited’ and the beginning of (not TIDE but) TILE. Another song exactly 4 minutes long is involved. A song called ‘Four Minutes’ itself by a member of Pink Floyd again.”

“Oh dear, I need to run,” says Wheeler out of the blue, looking at the clock on the wall. “Nautilus seas and Doreena and Yvonne and such. Baker Bloch, if you would, please wrap up the meeting and then gather everyone downstairs to meet Jiff the Minoan, fresh from the woods. He’ll take over from here. Ta ta once more!”

She vanishes. Baker Bloch looks around The Table at the others, seeing a mixture of confusion and boredom. “Should we continue?” he offers.


“Nah,” states a yawning Hucka Doobie. “Let’s go meet this Jiff creature and get it over with.”

Not what they were expecting.

2016 Year in Review 02

(continued from)


A big year for toy/junk happenings as well, although not on quite the same scale as virtual advances. To my great surprise, I was able to concoct another of these happenings in the Bigfoot area, just up the hill from the very successful Fall 2015 one. The attached name this time around was not Bigfoot or Bigfoot II but Chesterton. I’ll have a page or two created on it soon enough. The focus on Chesterton lasted from late April until early August, when my creative and blogging emphasis shifted back to Second Lyfe and Collagesity for the remainder of 2016 (as chronicled in the “Collagesity 2016 Later” document already reviewed).

I feel very confident about these toy/junk happenings moving forward with this reinforced Bigfoot base now. Chesterton continues many of the same ideas as the earlier Bigfoot event.

Virtual Archives

Another big project I started more toward the end of the year was archiving the posts of not only the Sunklands blog, but also the Baker Blinker Blog coming before it. This would cover almost 9 total years. It’s difficult to remember the way I wrote before blogging, I took to it so easily and effortlessly — maybe too effortlessly. But the immersion has paid off big dividends down through the years, I feel, not the least of which are the two “books” I’ve been able to create just recently, a type of summarizing or flowering, I suppose, of this long term flow of energy. Anyway, you can access this archives through the “Virtual” link found on the Sunklands header. As of this writing, I have all of the Sunklands blog archived, and also about the first half of the Baker Blinker Blog. Not too awful much left to do (!) Then I guess I’ll have to protect the involved pictures as well, which most likely number in the several thousands. Well, the *blog* posts number close to 5000 so I know there’s considerably more pictures involved.

Just a couple more notes on this: for the Baker Blinker Blog archives I’ve created so far, I’ve decided to mix virtual and real life posts, since there’s relatively so little of the latter. This changes toward the end of that 2008-2012 blog, particularly about September 2011 or so. I’ll just have to see how my archiving game plan alters when I reach that point. For the Sunklands blog, I’ve already separated out the virtual related archives from the real life or hiking archives, although I haven’t gathered together the latter yet in pages. So just a note here that this process is going on, and I anticipate at least the virtual archives to be completed in several weeks at most.


Finally a note on my very long term map synchronicity project, which also assumed a new level of archival protection this year. Basically all information formerly located in marked up old atlases and notebooks has been transferred to Google Earth kml files. It took a while (about a month and a half as I recall) but the effort was most definitely worth it. I don’t plan to share this information on the Sunklands blog quite yet, though.

Onward into 2017!

Jiffy friendship


Old Mabel took a break from studying about The Beetles upstairs at The Table to hang with Jiff again. “Did you know John Lemon hated the sound of his own voice and asked his producer to smother it with ketchup?” she asked at one point.

“No I didn’t know that,” Jiff replied in his high pitched, wavering voice from the vase he put in place yesterday. “My turn in the chair again.”

“Why don’t we just sit together.” She was feeling more comfortable around him all the time. Peculiar: she doesn’t usually take to people like this. But there was something familiar about Jiff the Minoan, who could be both man or woman by the way, depending on the week.

“Alright,” he agreed, and joined Old Mabel in the blue retro seat. “Ahh,” he exclaimed as his little body sank back into the upholstery.


“There. That’s better,” said Old Mabel. “Best we both sit in this comfy chair, eh?” The proximity seemed familiar again — what was it about Jiff? Certainly not a physical attraction.

Seeming to pick up on Old Mabel’s thinking, Jiff said in a playful manner: “You couldn’t possibly fall for another refuge half your size?” His eyes gained a devious twinkle.

“No. I’m already taken, if not exactly in the present. Baker Bloch is my friend in the here and now but soon to be more, I feel. We will eventually become man and wife. I sense this. I *see* this.”

“Oh,” Jiff simply said back, expression changed.


“Here, let me brush your hair again,” Old Mabel then spoke, trying to smooth over the awkward moment. “Such beautiful hair. You say this is a traditional Minoan style? Tell me about your people again — if it’s not too painful.”

“It’s like I said before,” he started, quickly getting over the disappointment and remembering who he *really* was. Deep inside. “The portal opened up and we came through. Demos, I mean, *demons* were already there. Holiday demons mainly. Satan Santa and Snowmanster. Cookie the Crumbler. Mean dudes. But we outnumbered them, by a great margin. More and more of us poured through. Eventually a truce was made — Unch the Walky Tree wrote up the contract. The line between Rubi and Minoa was drawn.”

“What happened to the Rubi demons?” Old Mabel then asked. But Jiff was looking at the Blue Feather’s front door, mouth agape.


“What’s wrong?” She stared with Jiff toward the door.

“Nothing. Just thought I saw something pass by. Couldn’t be, though.”

“Who or what do you think it was?”

“Hold on,” he said and walked to the door, then peered down Old Cannon Road toward the woods. Just as he suspected.



He crossed the line again.



Old Mabel had that dream last night again about being the “conductor” of a tiny, rain soaked village in a one tree forest.


The tree was having the same dream at the same time.


Both end with the tree smashing the village to bits.


The real forest.

S. is for Soldier

Old Mabel had pulled in a suave chair from the patio of the Perch restaurant next door to become friendlier with Tin S. Man, who turned out to be a fount of knowledge once you got him to open up (heart exposed).


“All those Lower Minoans were celebrating the chopping of what they thought was the forest’s last tree,” he continued, “a brown cypress which now stands proudly again right beside Unch. They were gathered in the center of Lucky at sunset, hooting and hollering and carrying on, when the suddenly descended 200th whopped down terror from the skies with his thick, deadly cluster of limbs and leaves. Everyone dead, like ants under heel. Whop, whop, whop!” he emphasized, holding his axe high, blade outward.

“Fascinating,” said Old Mabel, carefully watching the axe. “When did you yourself arrive in the forest?”

Tin S. Man lowered his weapon again. “After the East-West Agreement. This opened up Our Second Lyfe to the world where I am from.”

“Oz,” spoke Old Mabel.

“Yes,” agreed Tin S. Man. “I was an experienced tree chopper there — my original name is even Nick Chopper.” He sighed. “But it was all because of the love of a Munchkin maid that I met my sad fate. An arm there, a leg here, then finally my head, my heart. All gone. Nicked away by my formerly trusted axe, enchanted by the jealous, evil witch who was her ward. I was fully tin when the Intense Shower came upon me unexpectantly that one summer afternoon while I was chopping away in the deep woods, freezing me up for perhaps all time. Then finally, after a long long wait, another maiden arrived: Dorothy of Kansas, along with her friend Scarecrow and, later, the Cowardly Lion. They became my friends. My Intense Friends. They oiled me back to life. My heart pumped blood again. I became Dr. Blood.”

“But how did you get *here*?” Old Mabel repeated.

“When the Reverse World came, I chopped in reverse. Kcaw, kcaw, kcaw,” he attempted. “Reverse chopping sound there,” he said, and smiled. “I used this new found talent to restore the Rubi Woods. It was a very satisfying chore. I liked it much better than the opposite, or removing parts of the woods. I believe a word for this satisfaction is karma. But it was strange nonetheless. Have you ever walked in reverse, talked in reverse? You may know what I’m talking about, then.”

“I *think* I understand,” said Old Mabel. She thought back to Little and herself writing backwards to hide their actual intent to Winfield, like when they sneaked out of the Dawg Pound to explored the forbidden Sandusty camp one weekend. Boy did they get in trouble.

“I learned of the 200th — Unch — the day I reverse chopped the 199th back to life,” Tin S. Man went on. “That brown cypress,” he clarified. “I knew there were 200 trees instead of 199 then because Collagesity had returned, as emphasized by my new and good friend Homer S. Simpson. S. — like me. His S. doesn’t stand for Soldier, though.”

Old Mabel tried to keep the metal giant focused. “Did Dorothy send you to the Rubi Woods?”

“Ozma,” he corrected. “The queen ruler. But Dorothy, of course, agreed to the task. They are in agreement about almost everything. Except one time…” He cut himself off there, reversing direction. “No, I better not. I respect both of them so much. We all have our differences.” But his heart had suddenly lost some warmth.”

“Another pointed question, then, Tin S. Man — Dr. Blood now. Are you Ray Davies?”

“Yes,” he answered quickly. No hesitation like in former times. “I am also the 11th beyond the 10. ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’ is ten, like me (tin). Dorothy then finds me in the woods; brings me back to life, along with her friends, now my friends. I am Dr. Blood.”

“Thanks for telling me this.”

“You’re welcome, young maiden. I salute you.” He stands and salutes.


The Librarian and The Visitor


Tipping Point


Baker Blinker requested Baker Bloch meet her at Perch about town business. She also said that Wheeler could join them as well if she wished, but Wheeler was busy over at the Nautilus continent again.


Baker Blinker began.

“I was walking around town after reducing the price of my land across Robin Lane a bit and checking the lag meter. I think Collagesity is too laggy. Here’s my idea. The 10×10 has a *presence* in the town, but there’s no need to display the whole thing. Use the Edwardston Station Gallery cube over in Rubi for that, and, backing up that, the one in Cayuga. Set up World of Collage in SoSo Mall, replacing your — *our* Wheeler-Jasper series. Get rid of the new building with Yale-Newton and Hidalgo. Just get rid of all the stuff prior to 2013. Focus on Fal Mouth, Power Tower, Boos, and Red Umbrella. And the new gallery developing in Castle Jack, whatever that is.”

Baker Blinker had a lot of thoughts going on for such a new concept. And, being owner of Collagesity North, she knew she had more clout than before on such matters.

“Come here,” she then requested. “Stand up and come here with me.” Baker Bloch got up from the table and went over to her. She pointed.


“See? See all those exposed textures over there in the new gallery. That’s what we have to get rid of. There’s really no choice.”

Baker Bloch understood. “Wheeler’s noticed the lag as well,” he said, “but is out and about so much she probably didn’t realize how bad it was getting. I’m sure she’d agree. So the Edwardston Station Gallery in the air somewhere. Let’s just put it directly above the center of Collagesity, how ’bout it?”

So begins the end of the golden age of groundside Collagesity, it appears. Second Lyfe still has its limits after all. The Blue Feather and its proximity to the forest becomes even more important for the future.