“See Hucka Doobie? There’s definitely a door there that wasn’t before. And watch when Tin S. Man stands up — go ahead and stand up please Mr., um, Man.”


“He stands directly in front of the door,” Baker Bloch continues. “And the Kubrick lampshade is exactly the size of his cylindrical thigh.”

“Where does the door lead to?” Hucka Doobie asks.

“I’ll show you. Go ahead and sit down again Tin S. Man.” The giant does as requested. “Then I just open the door, see, and walk through.”

But Hucka Doobie notices Baker Bloch disappears slightly before he walks through the open doorway. And if Baker could have bothered to turn around at that point, he would have noticed Hucka Doobie disappearing from view as well.


“Go ahead and walk through, Hucka Doobie,” Baker calls from the other side.


“I’m here,” the bee-person says. “I made it.”

“It’s precisely aligned with this outdoor table,” Baker Bloch then says.

“Are the door and the table the same size?” Hucka Doobie asks.

“Not quite. Now let’s go upstairs and look at the other things. Oh, and there’s also Tin S. Man’s axe poking through over there. And a bit of his sitting stump. Keep that in mind.”

“Where?” Hucka Doobie asks.

“Behind the door from you. Here, let me shut it.”


“Oh, right,” Hucka Doobie says, now seeing the objects. “Looks like [the axe handle] might be made from the same wood as the table.”

“Maybe. And you’ll notice the door has completely disappeared from this side when I shut it. We’ll have to walk around and back in.”


“Go ahead and stand up again Tin S. Man,” Baker Bloch calls through the floor now as he reaches the corner of the room above him in the Blue Feather. In order to get to it, however, Baker had to drop down into the first floor from the second and take the teleporter up. Wheeler insists that these Lemony ways of traveling through the building remain in place. “Traditional — like Castle Jack,” she says, always with an unwavering voice. But no one seems to mind that much. You just have to go from first to third to get to second and The Table, unless you come in from Perch, which is tricky in itself. Most of the town believe and take faith in the Lemon past of Collagesity, before the coming of the Lindens. It’s one of the things that sets it apart from most artsy villages of its kind. The proximity to the Rubi Woods and its ancient growth helps in this respect.

Hucka Doobie caught up with Baker Bloch, but, once again, couldn’t see him in this corner, even though she heard him. But both saw the projecting funnel hat.


And the impossible second Tinman stump.


No stopping now.

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