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Dear Diary,


I am starting a diary to add to the 3rd already in my possession. This goes beyond that show with the other Mabel and the other Little. I am *Old* Mabel, not the child in the story. I am the equivalent of 13 and beyond the town in the show. Little and I have been separated. The children in that show remain together in the end, facing the problems of life together. I do not have that choice. I am alone, but *my* town (Collagesity) has supported me, Baker Bloch of course, but also Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, Jiff, Brenda, Tin S. Man, and others. Even Wheeler the demon in her own special way. She often appears to me in dreams. I know it is her and that she is real. She is a character in the other show as well. She or he is called Bill there. Wheeler often proclaims she is The Bill. Yet this concept seems to originate from another source *beyond* either storyline. Wheeler has told me that another town, called Billville, is involved. I have looked this up on Wheeler’s Big Board of interweb connections in the Table Room and it is indeed real, along with complementary Elmertown. More on the latter soon, dear diary. I promise. The end.

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Rubis and Sylver

“We have to lend all our resources to Old Mabel. She’s on to something. A definite trail through the wilderness.”

“Strange that Chesterton the Librarian would skateboard into her and blow her up,” Baker Blinker responded, referring to very disturbing and lucid dream Old Mabel had the previous night.”

“Maybe she was just trying to wake herself up… so she could remember more of the dream’s details. But she was quite rattled. I reinforce: she thought it was real within the dream. She thought she actually died. She felt her soul depart from her body. She floated up up up. Back to Mars. Little was there. He was dead as well.”

“Awful. And your other theory — about Little contacting Old Mabel through Jiff?”

“Well — before he departed through the woods portal with Brenda — you know, the giant female warrior, and, some say, his lover — Jiff insinuated to Old Mabel that he is a probable Little trapped in a different body.”

“Say that again?” Baker Blinker requested.

“I said, Jiff stated to Old Mabel on the day of his departure that he was her brother Little Big trapped in a different body. Not quite reincarnation, he emphasized, but related to it. All that he knew was that he was Little, another warrior but from a different era.”

“He could be delusional,” a realistic Baker Blinker proclaims.

“Possibly. But Old Mabel is leaning toward believing him. Jiff said he would return in several weeks, which would be considerably longer for him and Brenda in their timeline. They too have a battle to fight, but he wouldn’t give specifics. He hinted around that Rubi demons were involved again. And the Sylver Forest.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Swinging but not driving…


A sunset swing helps Old Mabel prepare for another potential rough night of dreaming.

At the appropriate moment, she slides off and looks for Unch. The sun had just disappeared under the horizon.


“Can’t quite spot him from here if he’s there,” she says to herself in a low voice. “Or her,” she tacks on dutifully. Seven o’clock: time to meet Baker Bloch at the Joker’s Wild. Much to talk about!


“Hmm,” Baker Bloch says, landing just north of the mall while attempting to teleport directly inside. “Old Mabel clearly said this graffiti read: Soos.”



“You’ve dreamed about Chesterton the Librarian before haven’t you?”


“On a number of occasions,” answers Old Mabel, She swirls her lemonade around in its glass. “Night before, he was in a corner of my living room loudly munching on some delicious puffed cornmeal product.”

“In the Small House or Big House?”

“I’ve started to call them Old House and Big House. Because one was born 5 minutes after the other.”

“Ahh,” Baker responds, understanding this is a reference to her, Old Mabel, and her slightly younger twin brother Little Big. Nothing to do with the actual history of the houses in all likelihood.

“But it was Old House. That was the dream I talked to Spongebill Triangleslacks, Snowbob’s great uncle. Did you know he called him grunkle instead of great uncle? Another bleedthrough from that show.”

“Which we need to talk about in some detail, Old Mabel,” Baker says from his stool. “Map the comparisons out. But whether you believe me or not, the concept of The Bill predates finding out about the show. I didn’t make the link until early November, I believe, when, um, I retrieved that diary out of the library for Wheeler. Number 3,” he clarified. “The original find.”

“Just like Dipper first found the 3rd diary in, er, his *own* show. Not *inside* a tree, but the mechanism triggering the release of the trap door in the ground is found in the tree. It’s metal in the show. I don’t think Unch is made of metal.”

Baker pondered what Old Mabel had implied. “Unch is the source of the diary — I suppose that could make sense.”

“Maybe all 3 diaries which are actually one conglomerate work,” Old Mabel adds. “Three-in-one.”


Meanwhile, Unch tries to listen in from the the woods but can’t quite spot them.


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