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Tipping Point


Baker Blinker requested Baker Bloch meet her at Perch about town business. She also said that Wheeler could join them as well if she wished, but Wheeler was busy over at the Nautilus continent again.


Baker Blinker began.

“I was walking around town after reducing the price of my land across Robin Lane a bit and checking the lag meter. I think Collagesity is too laggy. Here’s my idea. The 10×10 has a *presence* in the town, but there’s no need to display the whole thing. Use the Edwardston Station Gallery cube over in Rubi for that, and, backing up that, the one in Cayuga. Set up World of Collage in SoSo Mall, replacing your — *our* Wheeler-Jasper series. Get rid of the new building with Yale-Newton and Hidalgo. Just get rid of all the stuff prior to 2013. Focus on Fal Mouth, Power Tower, Boos, and Red Umbrella. And the new gallery developing in Castle Jack, whatever that is.”

Baker Blinker had a lot of thoughts going on for such a new concept. And, being owner of Collagesity North, she knew she had more clout than before on such matters.

“Come here,” she then requested. “Stand up and come here with me.” Baker Bloch got up from the table and went over to her. She pointed.


“See? See all those exposed textures over there in the new gallery. That’s what we have to get rid of. There’s really no choice.”

Baker Bloch understood. “Wheeler’s noticed the lag as well,” he said, “but is out and about so much she probably didn’t realize how bad it was getting. I’m sure she’d agree. So the Edwardston Station Gallery in the air somewhere. Let’s just put it directly above the center of Collagesity, how ’bout it?”

So begins the end of the golden age of groundside Collagesity, it appears. Second Lyfe still has its limits after all. The Blue Feather and its proximity to the forest becomes even more important for the future.

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The Librarian and The Visitor, 01


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