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Bogota *11* start?


3 Floors (for both Blue Feather (within) and Castle Jack (without))?


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January 1, 2017 · 5:02 pm

Bogota moves up a floor.


Floor 2’s Collage 06, a 2-part animation (upper left), is from the past again, like Collage 01 directly below it on Floor 1 of Castle Jack. Collage 07 beside Collage 06, another 2-fer-1 animation, is brand new. In common with Collage 02 beneath it, in turn, Collage 07 is set in the Blue Feather. A blue feather appears on each. Collage 06 and Collage 07 both depict multiple versions of Dr. Blood/Tin S. Man. More analysis soon enough.

Collage 07:



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Book Muncher?


A man only wishing to be known as The Librarian came to visit the Blue Feather yesterday. Baker and Wilson have decided, for now, they’re not going to worry about who’s sitting at The Table at any one time. So we’ll say it’s Baker here. The Librarian bought quite a number of books with him in his traveling van…


… with only 1 in Baker’s discard pile when I took the top picture of the sale (“Salvador Dali: Go to Mars!”). Curled Paper was especially pleased to find a signed copy of “Floydodo”.


Dr. Blood, who was giant at least for the day, brought in a huge stump to sit on — too big for The Table, you see. Permanent size change? To be determined. “Remember Oz,” is about all the suggestions he chipped in, to which Baker replied that the town library was already well stocked with Oz books, including the complete run of Baum and Thompson. “More,” he added in his bass voice, then became silent for quite some time after Baker didn’t reply.


A framed picture Dr. Blood also brought to the meeting.

When it came down to how much money The Librarian wanted for the good number of books Baker Bloch wished to purchase, he said he didn’t want any. Taken aback, Baker asked him what he meant. “What I *want* in return,” he said, pausing dramatically before completing his sentence, “is to sit here. With you guys.”


The eighth? Is this Martian Chesterton again in disguise?





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