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New Carr.

Since Baker Blinker owned Collagesity North, she felt it was her responsibility to first attempt to make contact with the younger Carrcassonnee on the newly rezzed Temple of TILE’s top floor. Carrcassonnee was certainly aware of her presence last week, but could not or chose not to speak that day.


Yesterday she tried again. After a long pause, Carrcassonnee managed a “sit down” using a somewhat higher than normal but still quite bass voice. With chills, Baker Blinker looked around for a seat. She saw several. She chose one closer to Carrcassonnee.


“How’s this?” she asked the staring olive entity. Carrcassonnee is alive! she thought.

Another long pause. “That’s fine,” she managed again.

“Okay, Carrcassonnee, I’m going to go ahead and ask some questions of you.” Carrcassonnee didn’t respond, but Baker assumed she was a go for this.

“I’m gathering that you are a younger version of Carrcassonnee, coming from, perhaps 2012 or 2013, maybe from VWX Town over in Rubi next door.”

No answer. Baker Blinker continued.

“I assume you are different. You don’t seem to speak as much. Maybe–” Baker Blinker thought of stating that this Carrcassonnee was perhaps less cartoony than her more recent iteration, but decided against it. “Let’s just leave it that you are different. And move on to other questions.”

Baker Blinker waited a long time now. “Okay,” is what Carrcassoneee said after about a 3 minute pause.

“Are you having trouble processing what I’m saying to you?”

Baker waited again. “No,” eventually came the answer.


“It took *three* hours to get even what story I received,” states an exhausted Baker Blinker to Baker Bloch the following morning at Perch.”


“Another beer Blinks?” Baker Bloch then asks, seeing Baker Blinker’s glass emptied after the latest swig.

“Better not. And that old beer we left about, what, a *month* back has turned brown over there. It needs to be thrown away. All of these objects need to be removed or reorganized. The Table is not what we spoke of back then. Things have changed.”

“Lennon, er Lemon,” recites Baker Bloch.

“Synchronicity continues,” adds Baker Blinker. “No stopping now.”

Baker Bloch smiles.


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