Dear Diary,


I am starting a diary to add to the 3rd already in my possession. This goes beyond that show with the other Mabel and the other Little. I am *Old* Mabel, not the child in the story. I am the equivalent of 13 and beyond the town in the show. Little and I have been separated. The children in that show remain together in the end, facing the problems of life together. I do not have that choice. I am alone, but *my* town (Collagesity) has supported me, Baker Bloch of course, but also Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, Jiff, Brenda, Tin S. Man, and others. Even Wheeler the demon in her own special way. She often appears to me in dreams. I know it is her and that she is real. She is a character in the other show as well. She or he is called Bill there. Wheeler often proclaims she is The Bill. Yet this concept seems to originate from another source *beyond* either storyline. Wheeler has told me that another town, called Billville, is involved. I have looked this up on Wheeler’s Big Board of interweb connections in the Table Room and it is indeed real, along with complementary Elmertown. More on the latter soon, dear diary. I promise. The end.

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