2016 Year in Review 02

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A big year for toy/junk happenings as well, although not on quite the same scale as virtual advances. To my great surprise, I was able to concoct another of these happenings in the Bigfoot area, just up the hill from the very successful Fall 2015 one. The attached name this time around was not Bigfoot or Bigfoot II but Chesterton. I’ll have a page or two created on it soon enough. The focus on Chesterton lasted from late April until early August, when my creative and blogging emphasis shifted back to Second Life and Collagesity for the remainder of 2016 (as chronicled in the “Collagesity 2016 Later” document already reviewed).

I feel very confident about these toy/junk happenings moving forward with this reinforced Bigfoot base now. Chesterton continues many of the same ideas as the earlier Bigfoot event.

Virtual Archives

Another big project I started more toward the end of the year was archiving the posts of not only the Sunklands blog, but also the Baker Blinker Blog coming before it. This would cover almost 9 total years. It’s difficult to remember the way I wrote before blogging, I took to it so easily and effortlessly — maybe too effortlessly. But the immersion has paid off big dividends down through the years, I feel, not the least of which are the two “books” I’ve been able to create just recently, a type of summarizing or flowering, I suppose, of this long term flow of energy. Anyway, you can access this archives through the “Virtual” link found on the Sunklands header. As of this writing, I have all of the Sunklands blog archived, and also about the first half of the Baker Blinker Blog. Not too awful much left to do (!) Then I guess I’ll have to protect the involved pictures as well, which most likely number in the several thousands. Well, the *blog* posts number close to 5000 so I know there’s considerably more pictures involved.

Just a couple more notes on this: for the Baker Blinker Blog archives I’ve created so far, I’ve decided to mix virtual and real life posts, since there’s relatively so little of the latter. This changes toward the end of that 2008-2012 blog, particularly about September 2011 or so. I’ll just have to see how my archiving game plan alters when I reach that point. For the Sunklands blog, I’ve already separated out the virtual related archives from the real life or hiking archives, although I haven’t gathered together the latter yet in pages. So just a note here that this process is going on, and I anticipate at least the virtual archives to be completed in several weeks at most.


Finally a note on my very long term map synchronicity project, which also assumed a new level of archival protection this year. Basically all information formerly located in marked up old atlases and notebooks has been transferred to Google Earth kml files. It took a while (about a month and a half as I recall) but the effort was most definitely worth it. I don’t plan to share this information on the Sunklands blog quite yet, though.

Onward into 2017!

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