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Tomorrow 02

Been reading my blog posts from about a year ago forward. Have reached part about reexploring TILE Creek again — finding TILE Falls, etc. Very exciting times. I hope we have close to that warm type of winter again, but certainly can’t count on it. First a really really cold winter, then a schizo winter where it’s really really cold to begin and warm to end, and then a really really warm winter. What’s next??? So I have to anticipate The Woods being closed off for me fairly soon, perhaps as early as December. Christmas vacation usually brings snow covered ground. Yet I don’t seem to have Second Life exploring any longer to keep me occupied during this potentially large rl exploring gap. Work on other baker b. modules instead? How about Paradox II, or Paradox III for that matter? Then of course we have Rainbowology now, which I haven’t really worked on in several weeks, or since the discovery of Lion’s Roar and its Kansas — really since the blog got into full swing here. Tin S. Man and I split over the 3333 nature, with the gap unable to be closed. Natural rift, leading to Lion’s Roar. Wallace3 seems to have even moved to Lion’s Roar now, and away from the Tinsity Metro Area of Green Oz Valley. Let’s ask him (to speed up things).


Yes, I’ve decided to live in Lion’s Roar instead of Wallace/Tinsity. Knock will be a friend, perhaps this Z, although he wasn’t home tonight. I’ll examine Jeogeot history, which ended with Pietmond and a small addition with Boris[ just read]. Lion’s Roar has 2 ways, maybe three if we add in Pretty Way. The train track can take us-as-marbles anywhere in the Lion’s Roar location, as long as it’s downhill, har. Lion’s Roar contains answers. I will dig into the history of Goldbug, who was here in the past century, perhaps about 1841 or so. Found the Bee’s Line. Must examine what this line is more. Is it the train rail as I originally thought — I don’t think so now. Knock has indicated 3 “Men”, with a 4th man coming from Kentucky, a superman of sorts, called Daniel Blown. Daniel Blown is found in Billfork, hum. My friend Flynn asks about him every once in a while — “sure would like to know more about this Daniel Blown fellow.” I must investigate the nature of these 4 men, then. Some say that Daniel Blown might have even lived in Closed Cave???


Wallace3 put pen to paper to begin. “Jeogeot was a fabled land, with Pietmond its crown jewel. Really it was Chilbo, and Pietmond was a chip off the old blog. Chilbo needed help. Norum and Chilbol existed in Lemony times. Norum had to turn into Pietmond, because it was not accepted in Chilbo (site of Medieval jousting fairs, etc.). If DSotR can be revitalized through Tin S. Man and Tinsity/Wallace, then so can Second Life and Jeogeot perhaps. Alma might know.”

Knock (looking over his shoulder):



… we be looking at the bigger picture. I’m just saying that to say something[ mind you].


Hi Knock my oldest friend. (smiles) I still haven’t read your book all the way through — X-Ray. Are you Tin S. Man? Because it seems that the other Tin S. Man is the real Tin S. Man.

“I am superman,” came the reply. Like REM except not.” “Another lead!” I replied back. Super. “Can I take a tour of town with you, Knock,” I requested. He shrugged, looked at his pile of work to be done, gave me a “who cares” expression, and waved to the door in acquiescence. “You’re so kind,” I said. He had a large gait; rather cumbersome to keep up with him as he turned left on Side Way to head toward Little Brown. “Do you know who lives *here*?” he asked. “Chuck?” I guessed. But he nodded — I had guessed correctly. Chuck was the fellow I theorized might have lived in Closed Cave in the nearby (to us normal sized humans) 4 Valley region. “This is the *real” Chuck, though,” said Knock. “Where’s Knick and Knack?” I asked, examining the brown bottle with him. He picked it up, suddenly “normal” sized. “Now you know the secret to getting out of here.” He handed me the normal sized bottle. I looked down at Lion’s Roar; the bottles, the pots, the rail. “Are we still down there as well??” “No,” he answered. “You’re either down there, trapped in the microcosm, or you’re up here in the stratosphere, with the townspeople unable to see you… Big Sky and all.” He laughed a bit. “You should have written novels, Knock,” I responded. “*This* is my novel. I know what you are up to. *I* created Tin S. Man, gave him the desire to research DSotR. For I am truly Tin S. Man, or I once was. Now I’m superman. I’m able to do this.” He indicated with his hands his suddenly enlarged body. Superman, eh? “How do we get back inside?” I asked, looking at the brown bottle. “Just put the bottle back on the ground,” he responded, and did so. We were back in Lion’s Roar, the bottle suddenly looming over us although it was one of the smallest in town. “We don’t need to go “outside” right now. As long as you know we can.” He pauses thoughtfully, allowing me to catch my breath. I looked around. The townspeople had returned, but they were more obviously than ever what one would call “shades”. “What of the segregation symbols in the town?” “They are what they are,” Knock replied.

“One more thing,” he added. You have to put the bottle back exactly where you took it. Just grab it with your hand. You can practice on your own. I have to get back to my studio.” “Working on another album?” I asked. “No, I’m working on getting Knick Knack and Knock lined up and harmonized. Yeah, of course I’m working on an album. *Always*” He disappeared inside the Knock bottle, leaving me on my own to explore the town.

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