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… you think Yards Mtn. was created first, Hucka D.?” (pause) “Hucka D.?”

Looks like I’m on my own tonight, maybe. Well, that’s my theory now — that Yards Mtn. came first and Wealthy Mtn. second. *Health* lake was the last lake added to the Herman Park quad sqaud, after Heart, Head, and Hands. Heart (and then Head) may have been first, but corrupted (by plastic people?). Health Lake across the Way from all the rest was last, and also Wealthy Mtn. formed after the rest of the area of Herman Park. It was furthest away from the town of Boulder. But what of Frank Park? Was Frank Park already there before Herman Park? Or was Frank Park created from Herman Park in some fashion. We know that Herman Park is priceless and Frank Park has a very very high price but a price nonetheless. We know the priceless aspect of Herman Park is through TILE Creek, or the existence of such. This is the “1” that makes 6 into 7, or equates it spacially with Frank Park.

So the order of lake creation seems to be: Heart, Head, Hands, and then Health. Health Lake may have originally — briefly — been named Hustle Lake per the 4H history of the slogan. Also might be significant that health rhymes with wealth, and part of Benj. Franklin’s “Early to Bed” quote (Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise). According to the 4H history article linked below, O. H. Benson came up with the 3 leaf clover emblem of 4H in 1907 or 1908 (with the H’s standing for Heart, Head, Hands), then changed to a 4 leaf clover in 1912 when “Hustle” was added. But the article also mentions that another man, O. B. Martin, suggested changing Hustle to Health soon afterwards. So the emblem is really the work of two men, perhaps just like the arrangement of Herman Park lakes is the work of two. Maybe Wealthy Mtn. has a different patron, so to speak, than Yards Mtn.?

Interesting also that the name “Wright” is removed when 3 leaves change to 4. Reminds me of 2/3 rights don’t make a left quote as well, with the “left” being the 4th, “Health”.

Hucka D.:

The 3rd is Hands, but the 4th was created to act as a backup to the 3rd, in case a further corruption was enacted. The 3rd is the son accepting the energy of the father. Winesap.


Oh, and the 4 Valleys region next to Health Lake may have something to do with this differently “spinning” energy of the 4th as well.

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