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“Heart Lake…

… is the key to unfolding the names of Herman Park pools of water, Hucka D. There’s Heart Lake to begin, then Head Lake, then Hands, then Health. I think Health must be the same as what we’ve been calling Bass Ackwards Lake.

Hucka D.:

*You’ve* been calling it that. But, yeah, Flanigan the Irish (Potato) named the 4 bodies of water in Herman Park. 4Hs. Starting with Health instead of ending with Health[ like in the 4H Club motto]. So Green Oz Creek runs into Health Lake. Your lines again…


Head Lake is nearest Heart Lake. And Hands Lake is also a natural since we have Hand Spring near its beginning. “Hands” again. And all 4 imply Arkansas[ once more]. Herman Park is Arkansas at least in this way.



That’s another thing I wanted to talk to you about tonight, Hucka D., if you wish. Herman’s Grave is Pennsylvania. The epitaph I mean.

Hucka D.:

Yes. It is.


And it perhaps can be seen from Kentucky. So, another thing…

Both a Kansas and a Kentucky are found in Edgar County, Illinois. And on the same “line” (New York Central). Edgar County also has a Raven village, which brings to mind Edgar Allan Poe’s comment concerning the value of his 2 most famous stories during his lifetime, “The Gold-Bug” and “The Raven”. In 1848, near the end of his life, Poe compares the public success of each and states, “the bird beats the bug.”

Paris, Illinois is the hometown of Alfalfa of Our Gang fame, who was noted for singing Bing Crosby tunes.

It all seems to point toward Edgar County being a container for the energy of neighboring Kansas (and its Bing or Byng Creek) and Kentucky (and its Gold Bug) in the 4 Valleys region of Herman Park. Also notable: Metcalf in Edgar Co.



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