Wedding Prep 01

Karoz examines the mystery center of Collagesity and thinks about his new theory regarding quantum computers… **



… before heading over to Jorondip, a strong honeymoon destination possibility for Baker Blinker and himself, he feels. It’s my new friend Quito’s Doggerland Garage again, now packaged with quickie wedding vending machine (called a Wed-O-Matic) and lots of other marriage related stuff.


“Baker Bloch warned me that other things could have changed since the family’s last visit,” Karoz says to himself when teleporting into Jorondip’s exact center. “Quito is quite active in the sim. I’ve got to keep my gauging eyes peeled.”


“Baker Bloch didn’t tell me about these weights. A plus… Baker Blinker likes to work out a lot now to keep up with Wheeler.”


“Punching bag and exercise mat: check.”


“Trashiness of the place might be a negative. Does Baker Blinker really want to honeymoon in a garage?” It was unfortunately a thought he didn’t consider frequently enough today.



“Ahhh, the vending machine. And, awww, a just married couple I’m assuming. How’d the ceremony go guys?” No answer.


Just props.


Wedding photos… a must!


“Did that trash can make a noise?”


And lastly, the honeymoon bed.




He can’t wait to get back to Collagesity and tell Baker Blinker about his finds here. He’s sure she’ll be super pleased!


** From Karoz’s facebook page today:

My conclusion (for now) about quantum computers is that they’ll come ever so close to working but never be fully functional. Errors will always crop up that ruin an output. A hairline away from complete revolution, but about the same distance as that inner core is from absolute zero.
You cannot practically reconcile two universes in the same precise space.

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