Collagesity: Central Paradox (etc.)

Below is a collision of 2 buildings in the heart of Collagesity that can’t possibly exist together. One must be off, one must be on. Right now the box-like Gallery Jack, holding 60 of the 100 collages of the Art 10×10, is “on”. In the recent past, it was browner and more irregular Toxic Art Gallery holding 80 of the 100 collages of same here. Will the situation switch back in the near future? This is my paradox: the central dichotomy, structure-wise, of Collagesity all is built around, as I’m perceiving it now.



Back to the inventory you go TAG building!

Ampitheatre where the Toxic Art Gallery use to sit.

On the other side of Gallery Jack: Bluebot, and Tom the Busker enmeshed in plumeria.

Dead center Gallery Jack.

Tile Tower, an oft overlooked component of Greater Collagesity.


Baker Bloch confers with Flat Ebbe Linden about a recent visitor coming up Cannon Street from the woods.

Baker admires the 2 eucalyptus trees he recently planted in front of Small Gothic Castle.


The Other appears. Two headed.

The Other?

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